JPMorgan and Citigroup Give Themselves a Monopoly

JPMorgan and Citigroup are acting on the principle that they are too big to jail and the government is going along with it. Example #53 that the Rule of Law is dead and buried in America. From Zero Hedge: So to summarize: as we reported first (and we would be delighted if other so called financial experts dedicated as much effort to digging through the primary data as they have to desperately try to disprove our article), JPM [i.e. JPMorgan] has indeed cornered the OTC commodity market, with Read more […]

US Banks Funnel Drug Money? What Else Is New?

Did the banks funnel drug money to Columbian traffickers? The International Business Times reports: U.S.-based accounts at Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C), Deutsche Bank AG (ETR:DBK) and Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) were used to channel tens of millions of dollars’ worth of global drug money that was sent to shady Colombian currency brokerages, an affidavit from an undercover Massachusetts detective obtained recently by 100Reporters says. The revelation comes as the U.S. Justice Department has been Read more […]

If You Think the Stress Test Was Hard, Just Wait For the Real Stress

I just love it when Federal Reserve guys worry about “bubbles.” Where does the ‘soap’ that produces bubbles come from? Why, from the Federal Reserve, of course. They provide the “liquidity” for the big banks to make massive bets in the financial markets with virtually free money (conjured out of nothing, of course… that’s what the Fed produces). Most of our “growth” over the past decade is a total illusion–we aren’t producing much of anything anymore, and make much of our Read more […]

What Do The Rich Know That No One Is Telling Us?

Think the stock market is going to go higher? I suspect some people may disagree with you. A new survey of family offices by Citi finds that the wealthy are cash heavy—meaning they may fall short of the investment returns they’re expecting. Wealthy families have about 39 percent of their assets in cash, according to a recent poll of more than 50 large family office representatives from 20 countries conducted by Citi Private Bank. Stocks represented about 25 percent of portfolios on average. Read more […]

Banksters; This Is How It Is Done (And It Needs To Stop!)

House Floor Vote This Week on Derivatives Bill Written by Citigroup Lobbyists ( HR 992) Citigroup has given $503,150 to current members of the House of Representatives. (BERKELEY) – Later this week, the House of Representatives will be voting on a bipartisan bill to repeal financial bailout protections that Congress passed in 2010 as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The bill, H.R. 992, or the “Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act,” would severely Read more […]