Ted Cruz, Citizenship, and Voting

Should you refuse to vote for Ted Cruz because you are convinced that he doesn’t count as a “natural born citizen”? Bob Allen has given his answer to this question. Personally, I disagree with his conclusion that anyone who decides that Ted Cruz doesn’t meet the Constitution’s citizenship requirement is necessarily obligated to not vote for Ted Cruz. I’m not saying I agree with Bob’s claims about the Constitutional requirement either. I don’t know. It seems like an obscure Read more […]

Ted Cruz and the Citizenship Issue

Is there a citizenship issue that needs to be settled when deciding about Ted Cruz’s run for the Presidency? What does it mean to be a “Natural Born Citizen” and why should you care? As to the latter question, you should care because that is one of the Constitutional requirements for a person seeking the office of the Presidency, and there has been significant discussion in recent years whether certain candidates meet that standard. As to the former, it depends upon who you ask, and which Read more […]

How Valuable is American Citizenship? Ask These Women

A news report about maternity hotels reveals how important it is to Chinese women that their children gain American citizenship. I have a friend on Facebook who always manages to find these kinds of stories. Otherwise, it would have disappeared without a trace as far as I was concerned. In my opinion, this story deserved nationwide media attention because it is directly related to our controversy over amnesty and immigration law. Yet I haven’t seen or heard any real discussion of what this Read more […]

Welfare & Immigration: Things I Am Sick of Hearing

I’m sick of all the screaming about illegal immigrants receiving welfare. Don’t get me wrong, they should not get a cent of welfare. But, at the same time, they should not get a cent less than any American citizen. Because there should be no federal welfare program. That is a fact both ethically and constitutionally. Ethically, I don’t think there should be state-level welfare either, though I don’t think it is actually a constitutional issue for any state of the Union. But I constantly Read more […]

Will Dems Hold Illegal Immigrants Hostage? We Won’t Know Because Republicans Aren’t Serious.

Right now there are supposedly many millions of people living in the United States who are here illegally. Some were raised here and may not have known that they were basically violating the law by being here. The Democrats have constantly claimed to want to help these people. They have demanded we all support a big-government boondoggle for the sake of these illegal immigrants. And now the Republicans have come up with a counter offer: The Washington Times headline reads: “House GOP wants Read more […]

Better Mars Than Obama’s America

Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids; in fact, it’s cold as hell, according to the song. But that hasn’t stopped people from wanting to go there because, let’s face it, Earth just isn’t that much fun anymore. Over 100,000 people from around the globe have applied to be part of the first one-way expedition to Mars in 2022. The Mars One trip aims to put four permanent settlers on the Red Planet, to be followed about a year later by another group of settlers. Although the applicants Read more […]

Canadian Ted Cruz Ineligible To Be President

Ted Cruz, the freshman senator from Texas and the newest Tea Party favorite, is leaving open the possibility of a run for the White House in 2016. Were he to win election, he will by that time have had fairly little experience in Washington, and yet more than double the experience, in terms of years, that then-Senator Barack Obama had when he determined to plague the nation by becoming the 44th president. I very much respect and admire Sen. Cruz for what the media, were the man a Democrat, would Read more […]

Will Hillary Clinton Eventually Support Polygamy, Pedophilia, and Incest?

In 1996, then President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). He and Hillary did not support homosexual marriage. Boy, have times changed. Once Obama came out in support of homosexual marriage and still was re-elected, follow-the-leader politicians  have joined the gay parade to legalization. Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President in 2016 began with her recent pro-homosexual marriage message. She will run in 2016, and there won’t be any Democrat opposition. The money will Read more […]