Connecticut Gun-Grabbers Blame Post Office To Pretend There Is No Second Amendment Rebellion Happening

In some cases, rebellion is an opportunity for the government. Your disobedience provides your political overlord with the excuse he is looking for to stomp you into the ground. But sometimes he really isn’t prepared to take action. While it is true sometimes rebellion is an opportunity for the government, it is also true that sometimes a new law is an opportunity for the people. If you defy the new law and the government is not prepared to take action to stomp you into the ground then they Read more […]

Obeying God Rather than Men

I received an email question the other day about the Christian’s responsibility to government. It is a question we receive often and it is one that must be addressed time and time again. In short, the question is this: “Should we passively accept evil in government, or should we resist it?  Do we submit to evil government, or resist it?” Well, what would you say? This particular questioner referred to a teaching of Jesus found in the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 5:39, Jesus says: “But Read more […]