Radical Islamists And The Liberals Who Love Them

Remember back to the New York City mosque, and the whole controversy surrounding it? Remember how the Left defended it to the teeth? Remember when Mohammed Morsi was elected president of Egypt, and it was reported that Christians were being executed by the Muslim Brotherhood? Remember when no one on the Left said anything? This is a cycle that has continued for years: Liberals defend radical Islam, while defaming and mocking Christianity. Liberals latch onto any violence committed by a Christian, Read more […]

More Liberal Love for the Police State: Jerry Brown Blocks the Legislature from Protecting Privacy

California Governor Jerry Brown is known for many things, most of them very bad from a conservative point of view. But many of you might be old enough to remember when liberals wanted to protect civil liberties. This was not always done correctly. The “right” to dismember babies, for example, is a horrible example of misunderstanding what “civil liberties” really are. But, still, it was generally true that liberals wanted to protect people from government intrusion and make sure police did Read more […]