Seceding From Sodom

Do we need marriage licenses from Sodom? This past weekend, we attended my nephew’s wedding in the mountains west of Wenatchee, Washington. It was a beautiful mountain setting but that outside ceremony was intensely hot. As we departed and descended the mountain, I could smell smoke. I didn’t see any fire burning, but for mile after mile I smelled the smoke. I commented to Cherelyn several times about the pervasive smell of smoke, not like one single campfire, but a different odor of Read more […]

Time for Pastors to Divorce from Civil Marriage?

Christians are opting out of civil marriage because it amalgamates same sex couples and heterosexual couples. First Things is a pretty well known Christian publication. It now has a statement you can sign to say that pastors will work at “disengaging civil and Christian marriage in the performance of our pastoral duties.” Here is the full text: In many jurisdictions, including many of the United States, civil authorities have adopted a definition of marriage that explicitly rejects Read more […]