Tea Party Fighting For Its Life In Alabama

Today, many are considering Alabama to be a test of Tea Party v. Establishment GOP. From the Hill: Establishment Republicans, looking to push back against Tea Party conservatives they blame for undermining the GOP brand, face an early test of their clout with the grassroots in Tuesday’s primary election for Alabama’s 1st congressional district. Amid a concerted effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to secure a win for former state Sen. Bradley Byrne in the deep-red district, polls show his Read more […]

On Drones, Part 1: Justice Should be Impartial, not Mechanical

We usually blame Hitler for the Holocaust, and he deserves blame, of course. But he didn’t commit genocide with his own hands. He ordered it. It’s hard for me to think that the German soldiers and citizens individually responsible for all that murder were all cold-blooded heartless psychopaths. Something had to be inserted between them and the lives they were taking in order to stifle their human sympathies and assuage their human guilt. That apparatus was mechanized procedure and its human counterpart—bureaucracy. Think Read more […]

People are not Dollars

In one of the chapters in his book Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government, Thomas DiLorenzo discusses “the extent to which various governments during the twentieth century committed acts of mass murder against their own citizens.” He makes the point that communistic and socialistic regimes are unopposed to killing their own people when citizens resist the centralized planning and political power required by such totalitarianism. Dissenters are murdered when “the rulers of such Read more […]

Can States Say No to the Feds? Cities Show the Way of State Sovereignty

The United States of America ARE, not the United States of America IS. Each state in the union of states has its own constitution, governor, and body of laws. Each state has its own way of collecting taxes. No group of states can tell other states how to run their state. Some states have a state income tax, and some don’t. If we don’t like how our state is being governed, we can move to another state. This is one reason for the inclusion of the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. At Read more […]

ObamaCare Wouldn’t Exist in the Confederacy

And it’s not just because Obama is black. Man, you people really need to stop always making this about race. What do you mean you people? AHHHH. Anyway. Before I get into this, I must, for the sake of the nuance-challenged, declare unequivocally that I oppose slavery (especially of the civil kind) and that I am not a racist. For the sake of this article, I am not even considering the intersection of Obama’s race and stereotypical Old South prejudices. Now, on to issues we can all disagree on… Read more […]