New York Times and CNN Cover for Mass Killing

Why would these mainstream news outlets obscure who was responsible for the mass killing of doctors and patients? The Intercept has a perspective that could bias them with a story like this. But when a Liberal news site congratulates the Wall Street Journal on printing the plain truth and points out that two major liberal sources are trying to hide it, I think we should take notice. The Intercept contends that the New York Times and CNN both tried to hide from readers the perpetrator of a mass Read more […]

Will CNN (and the RNC) Lock Out Carly Fiorina?

The rise of Carly Fiorina in the polls won’t get her invited to the debate unless CNN is made to acknowledge recent history. Two questions come to mind reading this Politico story about the next debate and whether Carly Firoina will qualify for it. First, is this CNN’s decision alone or did someone at the RNC approve it as well? Second, isn’t CNN’s method aimed at penalizing anyone who actually changes their poll numbers in a positive direction? Fiorina, the only female candidate in the Read more […]

Paul Ryan and Barack Obama Working Together on an Unread Trade Bill

Since everyone knows that Paul Ryan and the President are allied, CNN reports it as if it is an irony. No, it is business as usual. This CNN story says it all, “Paul Ryan’s new partner: Obama.” If things had gone differently in the 2012 presidential election, Paul Ryan would be vice president right now. Instead, he’s allied with the President he tried to defeat. As chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, he’s muscling a controversial trade bill through the House that could Read more […]

CNN on Transgender: Brief Moment of Temporary Sanity

The coverage of CNN on transgender has been mostly bad, but they actually interviewed someone who spoke against his own mutilation. My son was at the local military base (because he was getting ready to fly out to his basic training) and caught some CNN programming. We don’t have cable TV at the home, so none of us normally watch any news show. He told me that CNN interviewed a person about Bruce Jenner and “sexual reassignment” surgery. This person, Walt Heyer, had suffered the “treatment” Read more […]

Our Ruling Class Believes Rights Come from Man

CNN’s Chris Cuomo insists that our rights come from man, not God; the Declaration of Independence means nothing. Howard Dean calls Scott Walker “uneducated” because he didn’t complete college, and allegedly doesn’t believe in macroevolution. Yet Chris Cuomo has degrees from Yale and Fordham that left him absolutely clueless about American law and governance; his diplomas are worth as much as ideological toilet paper. Curis Kalin writes at CNS News, “CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Read more […]

GOP Intelligence Captured by the State Department?

Lindsey Graham’s reaction to the Benghazi report raises the question of whether GOP intelligence has been captured by the State Department. By “GOP intelligence,” I mean Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee. As CNN reports, “Sen. Lindsey Graham: GOP-led Benghazi report is ‘full of crap’” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, has some harsh words for the recently released Benghazi report, led by his own party. “I think the report is full of crap,” Graham told Gloria Read more […]

Can Rand Paul Make the Establishment Admit it’s Open Crimes in Syria?

Watching this video from CNN, I cannot believe the pushback Rand Paul is getting into this interview. We are supposed to forget all past history, and “deal with the current situation” as if learning from past mistakes (a way too charitable word) is somehow naïve. The real offense of the modern totalitarianism of the modern warfare state is the humiliation involved. I compare our situation to the original Star Wars movie wherein the Death Star was under the command of a dark, death-faced Read more […]

CNN Wants You to Stop Voting for Candidates You Agree With

The moralizing begins with the link leading to the CNN story: “Blame yourself for partisan Congress.” Of course, the idea is nonsense. You didn’t vote for a partisan Congress. You voted for someone you hoped would be principled enough to do right and resist wrong. The fact that Congress is polarized is because there are a lot of voters out there who elect the opposite kind of politicians for their districts. In other words, as a recent Pew poll confirmed, the reason Congress is polarized Read more […]

The Liberal Media Is Not Omnipotent; Piers Morgan’s Show Is Ending

When a man makes a living insulting your way of life and scapegoating you for real and imagined evils in society, it can be discouraging. It makes you wonder why this person gets a public stage from which to attack you. From the New York Times: There have been times when the CNN host Piers Morgan didn’t seem to like America very much — and American audiences have been more than willing to return the favor. Three years after taking over for Larry King, Mr. Morgan has seen the ratings for “Piers Read more […]

Poll: Most Americans Are Not Hoping For Executive Unilateral Action; They Fear It

We all know that Obama has been threatening/promising that “if Congress doesn’t act” then he will. He’s got the magic pen and the magic phone and he is going to used them. But keep in mind that not only has Obama been making these statements, but he has made them in a certain way with a certain tone. When he talks about taking action, he says it like someone who is completely confident that Americans are tired of government inaction and would welcome his intervention. The assumed context Read more […]

Rand Paul Shows How It’s Done: Laughs At “War On Women”

Rand Paul caught headlines for making some of the most common-sense statements one could imagine. This should inspire us all to realize just how vulnerable Liberalism really is. From the Political Ticker website: “The whole thing of the ‘war on women,’ I sort of laughingly say, ‘Yeah, there might have been – but the women are winning it,'” the Republican senator from Kentucky said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” He said women have made great strides and, as an example, now make up more than Read more […]

CNN Decides To Demean Litigant Who Successfully Sued NSA

I didn’t see the original program, but here is’s description with some video (not the entire show). Conservative legal activist Larry Klayman got into an argument on CNN with host Don Lemon and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin when he was brought on to discuss his victory this week in a lawsuit challenging NSA surveillance, resulting in Lemon cutting him off the screen and Klayman comparing Lemon to disgraced former MSNBC host Martin Bashir. Klayman’s appearance Tuesday night on Read more […]