New York Times Admits Government Cocaine Connection

The government cocaine connection is real, but the reporter who publicized the story must still be attacked, after already being driven to suicide. As I’ve noted, Hollywood is about to vindicate the marginalized and reviled reporter, Gary Webb, in a feature movie starring Jeremy Renner. This means many in the media must do some serious spin, since they acted to discredit and destroy the career of Gary Webb. Thus, the New York Times movie review: If someone told you today that there was Read more […]

End The War On Drugs Or Start One On Oreos

Are you going to let “science” make you fear Oreos as something as addictive as cocaine? That is the challenge presented by this CBS story passed on by The Daily Caller without much comment. Connecticut College psychology professor Joseph Schroeder and four students studied in rats whether high fat, high sugar foods can be as addictive as drugs of abuse. The research looked at the rats’ behaviors and the effects the cookies had on their brains. “We found that the behavior they exhibited Read more […]

War On Drugs: Air Force Floods Miami With Cocaine

According to the Costa Rica Star, the United States Air Force transported nearly twenty-four tons of government-seized cocaine from Costa Rica to Miami, Florida, on July 27th. Commentary and official press releases from Costa Rica’s Organization of Judicial Investigations explain that the Central American nation had been encountering serious problems with the destruction of cocaine bound for the United States that local authorities had confiscated. With so much cocaine to destroy—and with Read more […]

Cocaine and Post-Birth Abortion

On January 29, 2012, Punta Gorda, Florida, 9-1-1 was called for twenty-seven year old Jessica Smallwood.  At the time, she stated that she thought she had passed a blood clot in the toilet and flushed it down.  However, there was a lot of blood afterwards and the single mother of three was not doing well so her boyfriend called 9-1-1. As it turned out, Jessica had delivered a 6 ½ pound baby girl, but claims that she never knew she was pregnant.  At the hospital, staff and police received conflicting Read more […]