State Department Announces Homosexual Rape of All Traditional Cultures & Nations

If you want to know what John Kerry meant by warning the nations of Africa to disavow the authority of the Bible, he is now telling you. Whatever your cultural heritage, whatever your nation’s values, no matter what religious beliefs your people have cherished and lived by, the big bad USA expects you to receptively accommodate its big demands. According to CNS News, John Kerry, …said the federal government recognizes same-sex marriages of foreign diplomats stationed in the U.S., and Read more […]

Interventionism Will Lead to Breakdown—in Iraq or at Home

Spiked has published a powerful indictment of the West’s contributions to the current slaughter in Iraq. Watching Iraq descend into mayhem, liberals blame Bush and Blair’s ‘hubris’ in 2003 and their refusal to wait for a UN mandate for toppling Saddam, while right-wingers blame President Barack Obama, claiming his early withdrawal of US troops was an act of ‘criminal negligence’ that allowed Islamist militants to return. Both of these responses suggest that the lethal instability in Iraq Read more […]

Pro-Abort Protestors Bring Excrement To Fight Pro-Life Bill

Liberals like to refer to the tea party as “tea baggers.” If you don’t know what that means, put it this way, I suggest you not look it up. Obviously, the tea party has nothing to do with a vulgar, sexual prank. It has to do with exposing big government, the politicians that facilitate it (regardless of political party), and holding them accountable. But liberals have dirty minds, and that’s all they could think of. If you want a truly filthy and nasty group of people, go to the Texas Read more […]

School Restrooms: Transgender Kids Have A ‘Right’ To Make Others Uncomfortable?

Writing about the decision by Maine’s Supreme Court to hear the case of a 15-year-old “transgender” boy-to-girl, self-named Nicole, who wants the right to use his school’s female restrooms, Adam Winkler asks at The New Republic (TNR), “Where should a transgender schoolgirl be allowed to pee?” The answer that’s obvious to me is that a schoolgirl should be allowed—no, required—to use the restrooms designated for girls, and a schoolboy should be required to use the restrooms designated for boys. We Read more […]

Welfare State Subsidizes And Protects Heavy Metal Loser

According to a music website, “Swedish man gets disability benefits for addiction to heavy metal.” “42-year-old Roger Tullgren said he consulted three psychologists to testify his addiction to the Devil’s Rock, which led to him attending over 300 concerts last ‘ear, leaving him seemingly unable to hold down a job. ‘I have been trying for 10 years to get this classified as a handicap,” he told Swedish newspaper The Local. ‘I spoke to three psychologists and they finally agreed that I needed Read more […]

School Lunches and Government Coercion

Most people will say that they do not believe the government has any right to coerce citizens to do whatever the government wants. Most people will say that, but only conservatives truly believe it. Liberals, while putting on an air of disgust for fascism, seek to use the government to get people to behave in ways inoffensive to liberal sensibilities. Today’s example comes courtesy of the public-school system of Fairfax County, VA, which happens to be the next county over from where I live. There’s Read more […]