Calling Colin Powell A RINO Is Too Insulting To RINOs

Is Colin Powell a RINO? He is certainly a Republican in name only. But if I call him a RINO I’ll start to feel guilty about other people whom I call “RINOs.” A lot of RINOs are professional politicians who would, to some extent, like to defeat Democrats for public office. But Powell wears the Republican name only for one reason—so he can promote liberal causes. Consider this lead sentence from USNews: At a prostate cancer survivors breakfast last week, former Secretary of State Colin Read more […]

Colin Powell Has Gone Soft in the Head on Voter ID Laws

Colin Powell may be a General, but when it comes to politics and logic he has gone soft in the head. He sounds almost as foolish as Julian Bond who said that “North Carolina has become the new Mississippi” because it has passed voter ID laws. Every soldier in the military had to show identification to enlist to prove his or her age. And get this — they wear “dog tags” for identification throughout their time of service. Powell claims that voter ID laws punish voters: “I want to see Read more […]

Colin Powell Plays the Race Card

Why is it every time there’s a disagreement with a politician who is black, it’s not about the policy, it’s about race? So what do we make of constant criticism by conservatives of Bill Clinton when he was president? The guy was whiter than rice. Some of the same policy criticisms leveled against Clinton are being leveled against Obama. And what do we make of the constant attacks by the Left of blacks when they are conservatives or serve in a Republican administration? Colin Powell is Read more […]