China Collapse Worse than Greece?

Australia media is reporting on a China collapse that might be “monstrous.” An Australian news outlet is reporting, “Chinese chaos worse than Greece.” WHILE the world worries about Greece, there’s an even bigger problem closer to home: China. A stock market crash there has seen $3.2 trillion wiped from the value of Chinese shares in just three weeks, triggering an emergency response from the government and warnings of “monstrous” public disorder. And the effects for Australia Read more […]

Chicago Finances Are at the Brink

Because of a Moody’s downgrade, Chicago finances may be about to get dramatically worse. Our ruling class act like they know what they are doing. They may even be deluded enough to believe their own deceptions. But the truth is that the “stability” they claim to bring society can collapse at any moment. Yes they may manage to keep things going for awhile, but the end will happen quickly when it comes. All of this may soon get demonstrated in the case of Chicago. [See also, “Is Read more […]

Bubbles End; Eventually the Can Explodes

No matter what politicians promise, bubbles end at some point. Kick the can… kick the can… kick the can… It’s a game Western politicians and Central Bankers play with incredible skill. Unfortunately, economic reality can be delayed, but not completely denied. The “can” will one day go off a cliff—or slam into a wall—and the day of reckoning will be upon us. History shows those days often come in an instant—when no one expects. Recently, Phoenix Capital Research wrote about Read more […]

Are You Going to Base Your Life on Misinformation, Or Are You Going to Get a Plan?

Dear friends, this is a critical question: Do you have a Plan B? You may not understand the entire picture—none of us does—but you’ve got to recognize that there are massive, massive potential dislocations ahead. As Simon Black wrote at Zero Hedge, On the first of September, 1939, Hitler’s armies invaded. And despite suffering massive military losses, the Polish government spread all sorts of misinformation on the radio, telling its people about phony victories against the invading German Read more […]

Setting Up The Collapse As Nation States “Binge” On Debt

Here’s the headline from Bloomberg: “Global Debt Exceeds $100 Trillion as Governments Binge, BIS Says.” Ladies and Gentlemen… this will not end well. A worldwide economic crisis is coming, and you can bet everything the elites will use that crisis to advocate for more power to be given to themselves. Don’t fall for it! The amount of debt globally has soared more than 40 percent to $100 trillion since the first signs of the financial crisis as governments borrowed to pull their economies Read more […]

The Consequences Of The Ukrainian Crisis Could Be Immense!

Ukraine president removed by Parliament. Opposition occupies the capital. A nation on the brink. What will Putin do? From the Armstrong Economics blog: The head of Yanukovich’s party in parliament, Oleksander Yefremov, said the deal includes early presidential elections in December, and a constitutional vote in September, according to the Interfax news agency.  The question remains, is Yanukovych simply buying time? Yanukovych also promised constitutional reforms trimming presidential powers, Read more […]