Why Free College for Prisoners is a Bad Idea

Free college for prisoners is appealing, but it dispenses with justice. Barack Obama is about to start giving Pell grants that will provide free college for prisoners. Both those in state and federal prisons will be affected, according to Politico. Of course, this will be done in contradiction to law passed by Congress. On Monday, [Education Secretary, Arne] Duncan said that restoring Pell eligibility for those potential students is one way his agency hopes to increase college affordability. “We’ll Read more […]

More Income, More Debt, Less Wealth: Student Loan Poverty

In case you missed it Bloomberg.com reported at the end of last week on student loan poverty: “College Debt Leaves Generation X Grads Less Wealthy Than Parents.” Most college-educated 30- and 40-somethings earn more than their parents did at the same age, yet they’re saving less. Student debt is partly to blame. While 82 percent of Generation X Americans with at least a bachelor’s degree earn more than their parents did, just 30 percent have greater wealth. A smaller share of workers Read more […]

Tuition Skyrocketing: It Is Not Daily Headline News Because They Don’t Want You To Think About It

I have no idea if the full interview is worth watching, but this snip is just common sense: I think it is obvious why the tuition bubble is not “daily headline news.” While our rulers want us to panic and beg for help with tuition, they don’t want us to otherwise really consider what is going on. Here’s a link that provides downloads of the full interview. Read more […]