American Troops Not In “Combat” in Iraq

Barack Obama thinks if he denies that he is doing things that everyone can see, they still won’t see it. In this case, the Nobel peace prize winner wants to pretend that he isn’t starting another Iraq War. Sometimes however someone in the military forgets to repeat the partyline. reports: Briefing reporters hours after the raid took place,  Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said that “U.S. forces are not in a combat role in Iraq.” He said a team of elite U.S. soldiers had provided Read more […]

Those Boots on the Ground Are for Dying In

President Barack Obama has said no boots on the ground, but, as I have posted, they are already in Iraq. He has already sent them. But if you don’t want to believe me, Politico Magazine has published the analysis of a veteran: “I Was a Pair of Boots on the Ground in Iraq.” I was once a pair of “boots on the ground,” so I know a little about what the phrase means. And I can tell you that, listening to the back-and-forth between the White House and the Pentagon over who exactly we’re Read more […]