Top Judicial Cardinal At Vatican Says Pelosi Should Be Denied Communion

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi professes to be a devout Catholic. Yet she supports virtually every political policy that goes against the tenets of the Catholic Church.  She supports abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, full and privileged rights for LGBT people and more. Her political stands have caused concern with the highest ranking American in the Vatican.  Cardinal Raymond Burke is the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura of Rome.  The Supreme Tribunal of Read more […]

Jesus: The True ‘Political Outcast’

Many families will gather together on Sunday to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is nothing short of miraculous that anything that happened 2000 years ago is even remembered, let alone celebrated. But what is often overlooked in this event—the most important one in world history—is the political nature of the death and resurrection of Christ. Jesus was a “political outcast” of the first degree. His execution was, of course, a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, reaching all Read more […]