Good News! Chinese Government Thinks Christianity Is Growing Too Fast

The Chinese government is officially denying that they were ever trying to demolish a large church building. However, in the process of denying they would ever do such an evil deed, people in government made some interesting comments about church growth. According to the Telegraph: Officials denied launching a church demolition movement. However, in a recent speech the provincial official in charge of religious affairs hinted at Communist Party discomfort at how fast congregations were growing Read more […]

Promoting a Virtuous Society, Part 1

Americans regularly make reference to “this great democracy” (we aren’t technically a democracy, by the way) or “the republic, for which it stands” (that’s more like it … kind of) or “the last great hope against Communism/Muslim theocracy/you-name-it-ism.” For some reason, we think that our form of government is eminently exportable simply because it is the most perfect form of government ever devised. Yes, it may be the best. But, like any governing apparatus, its efficacy depends Read more […]

Are We Hearing the Death Rattle of Liberalism?

It seems that liberalism is gaining the upper hand. In fact, it seems that liberalism has the upper hand. Not so fast. Empire-building is a tenuous and risky business. Every empire that has tried to expand its territory eventually collapsed because the center could not hold. Adolf Hitler’s dream of a thousand-year Reich turned to dust in less than 20 years. The supposed inevitability of world Communism did not come about. The image of docked rusty submarines was a fitting image of the inherent Read more […]

People are not Dollars

In one of the chapters in his book Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government, Thomas DiLorenzo discusses “the extent to which various governments during the twentieth century committed acts of mass murder against their own citizens.” He makes the point that communistic and socialistic regimes are unopposed to killing their own people when citizens resist the centralized planning and political power required by such totalitarianism. Dissenters are murdered when “the rulers of such Read more […]

Fifty Years of anti-American Liberalism

In a fantastic summary article for The American Spectator titled “Fifty Years in America,” Tom Bethell makes some observations about what he has seen in his time in America including anti-Americanism liberalism. Born in Great Britian, Bethell came to the States in 1962 to study New Orleans jazz. Politics were not his primary interest, but by the time his biography on clarinetist George Lewis was published, interest in the music was waning—both from the performers and the listeners. Bethell Read more […]

Parents Protest 30-Minute Yoga Class but Not Years of Government Indoctrination

Christian parents sending their children to Statist Government schools are upset, not about Yoda or Yogurt, but Yoga: “A small but vocal group of parents, spurred on by the head of a local conservative advocacy group, has likened these 30-minute yoga classes to religious indoctrination. They say the classes—part of a comprehensive program offered to all public school students in this affluent suburb north of San Diego—represent a violation of the First Amendment.” I don’t know if I Read more […]

Sweden Uses Nazi and Communist Tactics against Homeschooling Families

On December 10, 2012 a Swedish appeals court terminated the parental rights of a Swedish family. The parents want to homeschool their son. Homeschooling is a crime in Sweden and Germany. As a result of this Nazi-style law, their son was taken from them and the State was granted full custody rights. Bob Unruh of WND writes: “The appeals panel reversed a lower court ruling that granted Annie and Christer Johansson custody of their son, Dominic. But if the decision is not reversed again by the Read more […]

Democrats’ Death Tax Hike Could Kill Half Million Farms

More than half a million family farms could be threatened with insolvency when a death tax increase rammed through the Senate by Harry Reid and the Democrats goes into effect, according to an analysis by the Senate Republican Policy Committee. That’s about a quarter of all the farms in America, according to the Washington Examiner. The tax hike raises the rate on family estates by a whopping 20 percent, from 35 percent to 55 percent. It also lowers the exemption threshold from $5.1 million Read more […]

How to Teach Simple-Minded People about Economics

Teaching economics is not difficult. You don’t need charts or graphs. All you need are a few good illustrations. One way to teach is with some humor. The Parable of the Two Cows is one way. Bill Sherk mentions that a list has circulated throughout the United States since around 1936 under the title “Parable of the Isms.” A column in The Chicago Daily Tribune in 1938 attributes a version involving socialism, communism, fascism and New Dealism to an address by Silas Strawn to the Economic Read more […]

Obama Re-Elected by Illiterate Society Says Russian Newspaper

While a small majority of the American people continue to celebrate the re-election of the worst and most corrupt president in US history, the rest of the world is mocking our stupidity.  Looking from the outside, they see how Obama has constantly lied to the American people.  They also see him for what he really is, a communist.  And they see him repeating the same mistakes that other communist leaders made in the past.  Yet, the 62 million Americans that voted for Obama are blind to what is Read more […]

Voting as Revenge: Resentment is Obama’s Ideology

Obama knows how to campaign. He knows he needs to sound positive. He knows he needs to encourage Americans. He knows he needs to promise to solve problems. But this kind of stuff keeps slipping out of his mouth. “Voting is the best revenge.” This is what he told crowds when they booed Romney’s name. “No, no, no — don’t boo, vote.” Casting a vote for Obama against Romney is a more effective means of vengeance? Vengeance for what? Obama wasn’t talking to people in Massachusetts, Read more […]

Obama: the First Red Diaper Baby President

It is so obvious that, once it is said, you feel stupid for not saying it sooner. There have been many “conspiracies” floated about Obama. Maybe one or more are true. Until absolute proof can be gathered, they remain speculations. But one thing most people don’t understand is that sometimes it is good to have embarrassing conspiracy theories about oneself circulating in the populace. The reason for this is simple, people will devote so much of their time to proving or disproving or mocking Read more […]