$40 Million for 6 Years of Presidential Vacations

Barack Obama’s last three Presidential vacations cost $6.2 million. As a friend made me think, when he sent me this story, if this man ever opens his mouth again about “income inequality” and “economic injustice,” someone needs to tell him to shut up. A Secret Service agent would be perfect. The next two years can’t be over soon enough. I’m sure he’ll add another $5-$10-million to this obscene bill to shove down our throats before he’s done. According to the Washington Examiner, “Taxpayers Read more […]

Why Conservatives Don’t Love Free Stuff

Do you think I’m heartless, because I don’t support government programs providing free food, free phones, free rent, free education, free condoms, free this, free that, and free everything else? If you will listen, here’s the reason: When a program is not economically sustainable, it will ultimately do more harm than good. When you create dependency on programs that will crash, you deprive fellow humans of the beneficial lessons that are only learned from sweating, scraping, and scratching Read more […]

Sledge Hammer! Democrats Love The Poor As Long As They Stay Out Of Sight

No one should steal a shopping cart. It is wrong to steal. That being said, smashing stolen property so that it no longer works is not a sensible plan. For one thing, if it is easy to steal shopping carts then smashing the ones that are already stolen, and whose original owner cannot be identified, will only increase the demand for more stolen carts. Why am I discussing the economics of smashing stolen grocery store carts? Because a Democrat State Representative in Hawaii has decided to make a Read more […]

Mandatory Generosity

In 1 Corinthians 12, the Apostle Paul makes a strong argument for cooperation among Christians. Referring to the Church of Jesus Christ, Paul makes the seemingly obvious point that our physical bodies are not simply one thing, meaning that what we call “the human body” is really made up of many individual parts. Much like a moving car, which is composed of tens of thousands of non-moving parts, the human body is composed of tens of thousands of non-human parts. When all of the “parts” are Read more […]

“Do This and Live”

As mentioned in yesterday’s article, Ayn Rand was known for her views of “anti-altruism,” or what she called the virtue of selfishness. However, what Rand called “selfishness” would be more accurate if it was referred to as “self-interest.” Pure selfishness is a total ignorance of the wants or needs of others, while self-interest does not promote such egotistical notions. Leonard Read explains: A vast majority of people in this and other countries, including many noted scholars, confuse Read more […]