Why Bob Dole’s “Bridge to the Past” is a Bridge to Nowhere

Politico.com has run an almost tender puff piece: “Bob Dole goes home.” When Bob Dole ran for president in 1996 at the age of 73, Democrats derided him as a relic and a man out of place in the electronic age. Late-night comics mocked him, he tumbled off a stage and President Bill Clinton charged in his convention speech that Dole wanted to “build a bridge to the past.” Nearly two decades later, Dole is having the last laugh — and letting present-day Republicans know they might learn a Read more […]

Ron Johnson, Republican Senator Traitor On Obamacare?

Now that Obamacare is super failing, and we have a majority who want it rolled back and repealed, the pressure is on the Republicans who were playing along with the conservatives to suddenly pull back and try to save another big government usurpation of the American economy and the people. There really can be no other explanation. If people were willing to vote for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and were willing to vote in favor of the government shut down, then why would the possibly change Read more […]

Why Ex-Republicans Have Ditched The GOP

From the American Vision website: The Frontier Lab study includes both conservative and moderate Republicans, and identified four key events that prompted individuals to “disaffiliate” from the party. One was the rejection of the “lesser of two evils” argument–the argument that voters had to support a bad Republican because the Democratic candidate would invariably be worse. Both conservatives and moderates are tired of the “two evils” argument. . . . A second reason is closely related. Read more […]

Media: Be Just Like Christie, Win Votes By Extolling Government Competence

Under the headline, “DEAR REPUBLICANS: Here’s How To Not Be Hated By Minority Voters,” we find a story about how Christie has won Hispanic voters. It includes this: Bert Aguilera (“like Christina,” he said), a Democratic-leaning independent originally from the Philippines, cited a favorable tax-sharing arrangement that has helped his home city of Seacaucus and Christie’s record of bipartisan compromise. The compromise factor is key. Republican messages often appeal to a resentment of government Read more […]

Exciting Compromise On Abortion To Please Both Liberals And Conservatives

There is a picture posted on Twitter by a black girl in which she is posing in a sexually suggestive position in what appears to be a doctor’s office–facing away from the mirror at which she aims her iPhone, one leg propped upon the counter beside her in an inviting manner, emphasizing her substantial derriere, or what is more commonly known among those who are attracted to such rakish behavior as “dat thang.” She posted the picture for the world to see, accompanying it with the words, “Bout Read more […]

Boy Scouts Vote to Compromise Their Values

Growing up in the 1950s and 60s, Boy Scouts was an important part of my family’s life.  My dad served as a troop leader and a scouting commissioner.  Dad was very athletic and taught canoeing, swimming, life guarding, rope climbing, knot tying and first aid among other things.  One of the things that dad always stressed was to lead an honest and moral life and believe in God, Jesus and the Bible.  He was always popular and well-liked by the scouts, their parents and other leaders. My mom Read more […]

Fiscal Cliff Talks and Negotiations Should be Televised!

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, one of his campaign promises was to have one of the most open presidencies of all time.  He promised that everything would be done out in the open for all to see and judge.  Nothing would be hidden from the American public. That promise ended the day he was sworn in as president.  In his first four years, he has conducted more secret negotiations behind closed doors than any president in history.  When you take a good look at the Obama’s record Read more […]

You can’t be civil in a street fight

The 2012 election the popular vote proved that over half of our nation is now willing to pledge allegiance to a Republic where socialism, infanticide, sexual perversions and a Godless society are more desirable than righteousness. How many more elections will it take before decent people realize that we are in a street fight for the soul of our nation and as it is in life, you can’t be civil in a street fight and expect to win. While conservative Americans lick their wounds from the resounding Read more […]