Term Limits: Learning from the Confederates

One of my main talking points in the area of politics (and anyone even remotely acquainted with me knows that these are few and far between) is the issue of term limits. I have long been a supporter of them—at all levels of government. One of the brilliant moves taken by the writers of the Confederate Constitution of 1861 was to limit the President’s term to six years, with no chance of re-election (Article 2, Section 1). This assured that new executive leadership would be had every six years. Read more […]

ObamaCare Wouldn’t Exist in the Confederacy

And it’s not just because Obama is black. Man, you people really need to stop always making this about race. What do you mean you people? AHHHH. Anyway. Before I get into this, I must, for the sake of the nuance-challenged, declare unequivocally that I oppose slavery (especially of the civil kind) and that I am not a racist. For the sake of this article, I am not even considering the intersection of Obama’s race and stereotypical Old South prejudices. Now, on to issues we can all disagree on… Read more […]