Are We Really Committed To War Against China Over Some Disputed Islands?

We are committing ourselves to a forever war in Afghanistan, to more drone strikes, and to still imposing regime change in Syria. But, in the midst of those and other commitments we are also saying we will go to war with China on behalf of Japan. Seriously. In a move that US ally Japan branded as “very dangerous,” China said it was setting up the “air defense identification zone” over the islands administered by Tokyo to “guard against potential air threats.” In similar statements, Secretary of Read more […]

The Real Message of Duck Dynasty

The entertainment hit from out of nowhere, Duck Dynasty, is now in its third season on A&E. The Robertsons—the family the show is based around—appear to be as unchanged by their newfound fame as is humanly possible. While the show is largely about the men and their daily escapades through Louisiana marshes and swamps, a strong domestic foundation is consistently present thanks to the Robertson women. A recent interview with Missy Robertson, wife of Jase, is an interesting and informative Read more […]