I Disavow Conservatism and So Does C. J. Pearson

Teenage viral sensation C.J. Pearson, who first entered the national media spotlight when his video criticizing Obama went viral in February, recently announced he would no longer identify as “conservative.” This begs the question that I pose to you.  Are you a conservative?  Do you consider yourself a liberal? If you find yourself using either of these terms when discussing your political worldview, you may have fallen into a trap. Let me explain. When the president, or any Read more […]

We Don’t Need Another Conservative!

How many of you would be frightened at another Clinton presidency?  Or perhaps another Bush Administration would cause you to throw your hands up and say,  “I have had enough. It’s pointless to try.”   In my travels around the United States I meet many people looking for a “conservative candidate”.  I may shock you with the following statement but I believe it to be truth.  We do not want a conservative candidate! Let me explain. When any elected official takes his oath of Read more […]

We Need to Push Past Labels in Politics

Labels in politics are usually unhelpful or even misleading. The Federalist has published an excellent discussion on the problem with labels: “Libertarian Populism Isn’t Really Libertarian or Populist.” Libertarian populism has lately been generating a great deal of attention on the Right. Many believe it represents a viable reform agenda for the GOP. Dave Brat’s victory over Eric Cantor in June lent credibility to this notion. As the title of libertarian populist Conn Carroll’s Read more […]

On Conservatism

If you listen to talk radio, you get a steady stream of rhetoric promoting what is called conservatism. I hope in the next minute or so to get you thinking about whether being conservative is really to be right. My guess is that if you are attracted to conservatism it’s because you have can’t stand the liberal agenda. I’m guessing that you instinctively react against the redefinition of marriage and that you also reject the socialist, big government, welfare state. I’m also thinking Read more […]

Conservatives Defend the Police: National Review Says the “Love Affair” Should Stop!

Do Conservatives defend the police as an instinctive reaction? A. J. Delgado writes that they should stop: “It’s Time for Conservatives to Stop Defending the Police.” Imagine if I were to tell you there is a large group of government employees, with generous salaries and ridiculously cushy retirement pensions covered by the taxpayer, who enjoy incredible job security and are rarely held accountable even for activities that would almost certainly earn the rest of us prison time. When there Read more […]

Atheists Invited, Then Uninvited, to CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference is continuing its tradition of raising conservative hackles by announcing that the group American Atheists would be included in this year’s event, then revoking the group’s invitation on the same day. On Tuesday, CNN reported that the American Atheists were crowing about having their CPAC invitation approved, much to the annoyance of several conservatives, including Brent Bozell, who pulled out of next month’s conference upon hearing the news. See, Read more […]

A “Conservative Case” For The Totalitarian Nanny State?

It amazes me that I am hearing this on the RedState website. “The Conservative Case For Universal Coverage.” The person defending this oxymoron is Avik Roy. He wrote an essay of the same title for the Washington Examiner. I don’t buy it. One great point Roy made in his audio interview was that there was no need to destroy everyone’s health insurance just to cover the few people who need help. In fact, in the interview it comes out that Obama and the Democrats are not concerned about Read more […]

Playing Off Libertarians Against Conservatives In The GOP Is Mostly Nonsense

The main reason conservatives don’t have much to fear from libertarians is that most of the real bad damage that libertarians could do were accomplished by Liberals long ago. From no-fault divorce to pornography to the repeal of laws against adultery much of our society is already libertarian in the worst ways. While there are still a few areas where libertarian ideas could make state laws worse, many libertarians are ardently opposed to federal overreach and Big Government. That makes gives Read more […]

Why 2013 Was A Great Year For Conservatives And 2014 Might Be Even Better

A great turning point for the nation has been the implosion of Obamacare, represented by, but not identical to, the incompetent and dysfunctional rollout of healthcare.gov. The other turning point was the revelations about the NSA’s spying perpetrated by Edward Snowden. But it is likely that, while both those two gift keep on giving, economic downturn (in an obvious way that cannot be denied or hidden) will be added to the stew in 2014. The Healthcare.gov debacle was only the beginning of the Read more […]

Caught in the “Conservative” Trap?

Are You a Conservative? Do you consider yourself a liberal? If you find yourself using either of these terms when discussing your political worldview, you may have fallen into a trap. Let me explain. When the President or any elected or appointed official takes his oath of office, he invokes the wrath of God against him if he acts unfaithfully to that oath. This is a serious thing and so a specific standard is pronounced and declared. The oath taken declares an allegiance to … the Constitution Read more […]

Empire Striking Back: GOP Gearing Up For War Against Tea Party

At the National Journal website, Beth Reinhard has an article: “Inside the Messy but Moneyed Republican Plan to Neutralize the Tea Party.” It features a lovely picture of Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise—which is where I got the idea for the title of this post. From Alabama to Alaska, the center-right, business-oriented wing of the Republican Party is gearing up for a series of skirmishes that it hopes can prevent the 2014 midterm election from turning into another missed opportunity. Read more […]

Doing Conservatism Wrong: “Minorities And Women Must Be Equal With White Men”

Michael Reisig is a novelist and newspaper columnist. In a piece he wrote yesterday, titled “The American White Male: No Advocacy, No Retribution,” he attempts to offer his conservative point of view on affirmative action and the surge in negative portrayals of whites in TV commercials (as “the dolt, the miscreant, and the character of little importance”). As any conservative must do when broaching these topics, Reisig opens his piece by attempting to immunize himself from accusations of being Read more […]