School Teaching Students That Conservatism Wants To Restrict Personal Freedoms

Union Grove, Wisconsin is a small rural community 16 miles west of Racine and 16 miles north of the Illinois border.  It has a population of around 4,300 people who enjoy the small town lifestyle with easy access to the larger nearby towns. One would expect a small rural town like Union Grove would be fairly conservative in many of their personal, religious and political views.  But if you look at the lessons that students at Union Grove schools are being taught, you may be in for a surprise. Tamra Read more […]

Old Ideas and Thanksgiving Turkeys

The German author Friedrich Goethe once wrote, “All truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times.” This is really only a restatement of what King Solomon wrote thousands of years earlier: “That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Both these men understood that ignoring ancient wisdom simply because it is “old” is as foolish as following modern wisdom Read more […]

Nostalgia is not Enough

Conservatives often rely on decades-old arguments to make their case that their political view is the correct one. This does not mean that decades-old arguments are untrue, but it does mean that the intended modern audience does not understand them. Noted 19th and early 20th century author and journalist G. K. Chesterton makes an interesting point that speaks to this very issue: All conservatism is based upon the idea that if you leave things alone you leave them as they are. But you do not. If Read more […]

Paul: The ‘Revolution’ Has Only Just Begun

On Sunday, Ron Paul addressed a group of supporters near the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Ever vigilant, Paul told the gathered crowd that they will “become the tent eventually” and despite what Washington may think, the Ron Paul “revolution” is still going to happen. Now it is up to Paul supporters to listen to what their leader is saying. I support Ron Paul. I voted for him in the primary. I was hoping that he would be the Republican nominee for president. However, my vote Read more […]