Police Militarization: How Conservatives Justify Weaponization

The missing component in this discussion of police militarization and related issues is the responsibility of law enforcement to educate the citizenry, and not simply take upon themselves prerogatives they were never intended to have within the American system. The discussion is published by the Daily Signal: “Police Beefed Up Capabilities Because a Crime-Weary Nation Wanted Them To.” The demands of a weary public compelled state and local law enforcement to challenge more conventional Read more […]

Google Severs Ties With Reality

This may come as no surprise, but Google is severing ties with a group of conservative legislators called the American Legislative Exchange Council. The stated reason is “climate change,” which must be stopped because our secret masters have taught us so. The ALEC does things like try to stop solar projects that come with free market restrictions that actually increase energy costs. Once San Francisco Bay Area liberals realized the ALEC wasn’t cool with the top-down “green” agenda, it was Read more […]

An Open Letter to the Next Generation of Patriots

Dear Next Generation Patriot, If Bill Ayers…err…Barack Obama could “write” his memoir at the ripe old age of 43, then surely I can drop some knowledge on the next generation even though I’m only 41. Don’t let my age fool you. For the past 10 years I’ve been intimately involved in politics at a local, state, and federal level—everything from county elections to presidential ones. This has helped me to build an impressive list of contacts around the country. Both household names Read more […]

Yet Again Republicans Fight Grassroot Conservatives Harder Than They Fight The Democrats

We have become a nation of two Americas, with two dramatically different value systems attempting to fly the same flag simultaneously. Similarly, there are now also two Republican Parties, each claiming the same branding but with two dramatically different visions. For the Republican Party establishment, the focus remains on the immediate: the next news cycle. The next election is their idea of long-term thinking. For those of us out here in the grassroots, we don’t have that luxury, because Read more […]

Democrats Push Bill for an Inquisition

Unwittingly raising the specter of some of the worst moments of human history, two Democrat lawmakers are proposing a bill that would order the Department of Justice to scour the Internet, television and radio for sites or shows that encourage quote-unquote violent acts and hate crimes. Sen. Ed Markey of Boston and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York have proposed the one-page 2014 Hate Crime Reporting Act. According to a release from Markey’s office, the act “would create an updated comprehensive Read more […]

Dare We Hope That Conservatives Outnumber Liberals In Most Of The Country?

The headline reads: “Conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 states.” People who identify as conservative outnumber those who call themselves liberal in 47 states, according to a new Gallup survey. Nationally, conservatives had a 14.6 percentage point lead on liberals, though that was more than a full point smaller than last year’s lead. The gap in 2013 was largest in Wyoming, where 40.5 percentage points separated those who identified as conservatives from those who identified as liberals. Read more […]

“Sabotage” Is Liberal Code For Popular Resistance To Oppression

Just to pick one example among many of the rhetoric: The Affordable Care Act Is An OK Law That’s Been Sabotaged …Three of the problems with the ACA roll-out were not to due to the law itself, but rather, Republican intransigence… “Intransigence” is not as problematic a word as “sabotage.” It is true that the Republicans have resisted the law in various ways. It is also OK to make the case that, if the Republicans had cooperated with, and supported, the Affordable Care Act, then Read more […]

Unable To Hurt Cruz, GOP Daggers Are Out For Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee of Utah has supported Ted Cruz’s historic stand. But while Texans have Cruz’s back, the media thinks (or wants us to think) that Utah is more likely to stick a knife in Lee’s. Mike Lee may have plenty of Tea Party pals on Capitol Hill, but back in his home state of Utah, the GOP senator is growing decidedly less popular. Since the government shutdown, approval ratings for Ted Cruz’s strongest ally have fallen, and his fellow Republicans are some of his strongest critics. “Among Read more […]

Conservatives Are The Freethinking Revolutionaries

Conservatives think liberals are full of crap because it’s true, and liberals think conservatives are full of crap because conservative thought is so far removed from the mainstream. Anything to out of place must be incorrect, says the liberal. It’s easy to think of anything that contradicts what the mass media pounds into us every day as a lie. It’s easy to think of anything that contradicts the message of pop culture as a lie. It’s easy to think of anything that contradicts the teachings of Read more […]

EPA Also Targeted Conservative Groups

This past week the news of the IRS scandal seemed to override every other topic.  The IRS was caught purposely targeting at least 500 conservative groups who had applied for non-profit status.  They also targeted powerful and wealthy Republicans who donated to the Romney campaign by auditing them without proper cause.  There are also allegations that the IRS targeted at least 2 pro-life groups as well. The IRS scandal erupted right in the height of the Benghazi scandal that is still on going.  Read more […]

Dr. Ben Carson 2016?

The short answer is no, or at least “not necessarily, and calm down, people.” What do we know about Dr. Ben Carson? We know that he has guts. He gave the keynote address a month ago at the National Prayer Breakfast, a 27-minute speech in which he strongly but very tactfully leveled criticism after criticism upon the Obama administration–with President Obama sitting ten feet away. The speech took aim at, among other things, Obamacare, which was notable because Carson is in fact a brain surgeon, Read more […]

Has the RNC Become a Criminal Racket? Investigate, and Fire Boehner!

Many conservatives have noticed how GOP actions seem like the opposite of what GOP voters want. Boehner’s recent move against genuinely conservative Republicans has started what will hopefully be a revolution—or perhaps, a counter-revolution. Today, the top conservative blog (for now; we’re working on overtaking them) Redstate called for stripping John Boehner of his speakership: “Fire Boehner: We Only Need 16 Votes to Depose Boehner.” “Boehner and the House GOP Steering Committee Read more […]