Did the EPA Pollute the River on Purpose?

Could the EPA pollute a river and get away with it? If so, why WOULDN’T they do it intentionally if it served their interests? BP got punished for polluting the Gulf of Mexico, whereas nothing is happening to the EPA for the pollution they caused. What would have happened to BP if they had caused the oil spill and this was discovered? Why do I ask such questions? Because there is evidence that the EPA polluted the river on purpose. Here are the five salient facts brought to light in this Read more […]

Media Covers For Obamacare Conspiracy By Reporting It As Right-Wing Theory

The Politico.com headline would be funny if it were not so frustrating: “Right outraged at Census change.” Conservatives are crying foul over changes to the U.S. Census that will affect data on the effects of Obamacare, though the Census Bureau insists the changes have been a long time coming and are not political. Census Bureau officials said in an internal document that tweaks to the questions it asks to calculate the number of uninsured Americans means it will be difficult to measure the Read more […]

Did the State Department Intentionally Inflame Muslims?

The Hyper-liberal, Dem-regime-promoter blog Media Matters is accusing Rush Limbaugh of pushing a “conspiracy theory” about the government’s use of the anti-Mohammad video as a diversion. Someone should tell them it is only a theory before there is direct evidence available. Remember how the story of the consulate attack in Benghazi got started. It began like this: There were these riots over a YouTube video in Cairo. And in Benghazi rioters burned down the consulate and killed four Americans Read more […]