The Obamacare Storm And The Meaningless GDP Measure Of An Impoverished Economy

You may have noticed how “Gross Domestic Product” is talked about constantly. High GDP means economic growth. Shrinking GDP means recession. Yet you also may have noticed how economists constantly stress over consumer spending. They want to see more of it, and when they do, they claim the economy is growing. Well, despite all the flaws in making discretionary consumer spending so important (because it leads to the insanity of saying it is good for the American economy if most Americans Read more […]

Retail Stores: Sales Fall Due To Obamacare Insurance Costs & Uncertainty

Wal-Mart has reported a third consecutive drop in U.S. comparable-store sales. They also have issued a forecast which doesn’t expect the situation to improve. There are several things that have contributed to this drop in retail spending, but one thing that stands out is that executives believe Obamacare is affecting sales. The Wall Street Journal reports: “While it is not coming through in customer research, we do know that some of our customers are concerned about the impact of the Affordable Read more […]