A Resolution for Capitalists: Be a Better Consumer

When you endeavor to be a better consumer, you improve society a small bit. It can add up. William Davies has an interesting editorial in the Leftist Salon magazine: “New Year’s resolutions are a scam: Your anxiety makes the 1 percent mega-millions.” Somewhere between December 25 and January 2, tradition states that we should perform an existential U-turn. The season of goodwill, giving and family morphs rapidly into that of neurotic self-improvement and fitness plans. January is the month Read more […]

Editorial Shows Hatred of Corporations is really Hatred of People

A columnist lets loose on cheap oil, showing hatred of corporations. Which, it turns out, means hatred of consumers. I’m not exactly shocked by this editorial, because it matches up with news I have read. But the sheer hysteria of the tone does amaze me. As I read it, I kept wondering if the San Francisco Chronicle has decided to become another Onion. But the writer seems serious. His headline sums it up: “$2 gas is the worst thing to happen to America.” Worst? Cancer rates, riots Read more […]

Inventing Rights for Retail Workers Is a Bad Idea

Retail workers can be mistreated, but so can employers. Inventing rules often does more harm than good. I completely understand that working a retail job can be frustrating. Employers can treat you badly. I have children working retail and I doubt I have many illusions of how things can go wrong. But acknowledging problems does not automatically mean that one knows how to fix them. Thus we find in Politico.com: San Francisco is now the country’s first jurisdiction to limit how chain Read more […]