Obama Bans Contract Chaplains From Performing Services

Remember when one Park Service Employee stated that they received orders to make things as difficult for people as possible?  Now the Obama administration is using the government shutdown to deny our military service men and women their constitutional rights of freedom of religion. According to the general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Service, USA, priests that are under contract or general schedule with the military have been banned from performing Mass, weddings, baptisms or Read more […]

Obamacare Contractor Overbilled UK ‘Tens of Millions of Pounds’

You can’t open up any news source these days without hearing about how much the rising costs of Obamacare are.  The cost of medical insurance is going through the roof, the cost of medical treatment is going through the roof and cost to employers in going through the roof.  At the same time, jobs and hours are being decreased and millions more Americans are finding themselves left without health coverage or sufficient income to purchase their own. If we needed another excuse for the increased Read more […]

On Marriage Equality, Part 4: An Agreement, a Contract, or a Covenant?

When two people make promises to one another, those promises can be enforced in three basic ways: by the people themselves, by an external institution with authority over those people, or by God. Marriage then, as such a binding promise, has three possible sources of enforcement. Libertarians want a private agreement that is enforced only by the people involved in the agreement. As we have seen, this solution allows for a great deal of abuse. For one, the more powerful of the two parties will Read more […]

TV star to viewers: “Please don’t watch my show”

The “half-man” from the CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men, released a two-part video yesterday were he recommends that viewers stop watching due to the show’s “filthy” content. The child actor, Angus T. Jones, is now 19 years old and has spent more than half of his life on the show. Jones recently became convicted by the content of the show and though he’s contractually obligated for at least one more season, he is trying to do what he can to convince viewers to change the channel when his Read more […]