New York Times Admits Government Cocaine Connection

The government cocaine connection is real, but the reporter who publicized the story must still be attacked, after already being driven to suicide. As I’ve noted, Hollywood is about to vindicate the marginalized and reviled reporter, Gary Webb, in a feature movie starring Jeremy Renner. This means many in the media must do some serious spin, since they acted to discredit and destroy the career of Gary Webb. Thus, the New York Times movie review: If someone told you today that there was Read more […]

The U.S. Government Cocaine Connection Gets a Feature Movie

While Hollywood has used the government cocaine connection in fictional pieces, I don’t think it has ever taken a verified story and put it on the big screen. Since I have already covered one “conspiracy theory” today, I thought I might as well bring this trailer to your attention. This forthcoming movie is about the deceased journalist Gary Webb and the story that led to his book, Dark Alliance. This will be a story that we conservatives don’t like, since it involves the Reagan Read more […]