Bureaucrats Think They Want Slaves, but They Won’t Like the Results

It seems that the dream of bureaucrats is people who always and only follow orders, but their dream would be a nightmare—even for them. Weird stuff has been connecting in my mind, from public school teachers to Green Berets. There seems to be a common thread in those stories and others. The stories include that of a Christian elected to office who is expected to affirm that marriage is defined as a relationship between two generic persons rather than between a man and a woman, because the Supreme Read more […]

Massachusetts Educrats Lose Minds over Students’ Hobby

Massachusetts Educrats (which, tellingly, practically involves both public school superintendents and what masquerades as “law enforcement” in these dark times) have turned airsoft guns that were never ever on school property or at any school event into a suspension or even an expulsion. Airsoft guns, as most of you know, are toys that shoot plastic pellets. If your kids play with them, they should wear eye-protection and maybe even a face mask but they are less painful that paintball. Boyfriend-girlfriend Read more […]

City Government: Your “God Bless America” Sign on Your Own Property is Illegal

One of the horrible aspects of our present invasion of corporate totalitarianism in the US is that our struggle isn’t just with the Federal Government. Hometown America is just brimming with ambitious fascism. A case in point: Bartow, Florida. Residents are being told their “God Bless America” signs in their yard are illegal. The Ledger reports: Ken Wiggins, a certified code enforcement officer for Bartow, said he and another officer began leaving door hangers this week, notifying 20 residents Read more […]