FEC Chairman: Democrats Seeking to Muzzle Conservative Media

Whether writing for my personal blog or writing here, I don’t have to hide my political opinions. I can tell you who I’m voting for and who I think you should vote for. But that freedom is not a surprise. The editorial boards of the New York Times and the Washington Post also have it. In fact, everyone should have it. It is called freedom of speech. It is one of the rights recognized and guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution. But there is a huge “carve-out” in the First Read more […]

Liberal Admits (Justified) Desire For Control Of Our Lives

A 20-year-old hopelessly naive liberal attempted to rebut the conservative claims in an image online that claimed that “Liberalism Is All About Control.” The liberal’s main argument was that liberalism is not about control, and he offered a counterargument to each argument made in the image. Here’s how I’m going to do this: I’ll write some of the better points from the list, with each one followed, in bold, by the liberal’s counterargument, which will then be followed by my pointing Read more […]