Contact These Companies Who Donate to Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, the Daily Signal put up a list of the 39 companies who donate to Planned Parenthood. It had been 41, since it was based upon the list that Planned Parenthood displayed on their website. Since the article was published, Ford and Xerox made haste to let us know they are no longer listed donors of Planned Parenthood. This is important because large corporations notoriously do not want to take a moral stand if they do not have to. But the time for that is over. We ought to contact these Read more […]

Product Placement In Common Core? Repaying the Corporate Backers?

So, some of the biggest corporations in the world are behind so-called “Common Core”… and big political dynasties like the Bushes… what could possibly be wrong with that? Every time I heard one of the disingenuous ads on the radio supporting this monstrosity my spirit said: “Yeah, and what’s the real agenda? Because the entities behind this don’t spend that much money without a big, long-term payoff.” Well, here’s just a taste… today’s test brought to you by… From MSN News: “Brand Read more […]