Corporations Can Be Good and Generous because Sometimes People Are

And yes, that’s because corporations are people, for better and worse. Everyone pretends that the phrase “corporations are people” refers to the legal concept of “corporate personhood.” It doesn’t. It simply means that  corporations consist of people acting in cooperation. That’s why it is important to realize the restricting the “rights of corporations” is really an attack on people. The only way my writing appears on your screen right now is because of some corporations. Read more […]

Editorial Shows Hatred of Corporations is really Hatred of People

A columnist lets loose on cheap oil, showing hatred of corporations. Which, it turns out, means hatred of consumers. I’m not exactly shocked by this editorial, because it matches up with news I have read. But the sheer hysteria of the tone does amaze me. As I read it, I kept wondering if the San Francisco Chronicle has decided to become another Onion. But the writer seems serious. His headline sums it up: “$2 gas is the worst thing to happen to America.” Worst? Cancer rates, riots Read more […]

Don’t Thank God but Thank a Corporation?

I think Lynn Beisner is quite right to question what people are thinking when they thank God for being spared from harm. But I still think thanking Honda, not God, as she advocates in the Washington Post, is a pretty poor trade-off. Thanking God may have implications many people don’t want to face, but it is still the right thing to do. Her headline: “When my son survived a serious accident, I didn’t thank God. I thanked Honda.” Last Friday night, a semi-trailer pushed the car my Read more […]

The Delusion Of The Pay Period Is Allowing Leftist Attacks On The Market

I just posted about the lawsuit against McDonald’s and wrote that some aspects seemed frivolous and others might be serious. Some of the accusations are in a middle position in my opinion. I’ve felt the frustration for my family schedule of not knowing exactly when a child has to be at work (though it is minimal for us because it typically only varies by an hour). By the way, neither of my working children is currently working for McDonald’s. McDonald’s is doing nothing exceptional, as far Read more […]

AutoZone Employee Fired For Using Gun To Stop Armed Robber

I used to work at Starbucks. We were told that if we ever had an encounter with an armed robber, don’t try to be a hero. Just comply with whatever the robber demands, and while you’re waiting for the safe to open, offer the bandit a free drink. I suppose they had this “no tolerance” rule for legal or liability reasons. If an employee were to shoot the perpetrator and only injure him, Starbucks might be held liable for the robber’s injuries in case the robber decided to sue. Yes, as idiotic Read more […]

Democrat Congressman Wants Congress to Restrict Free Speech

Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) told an accepting and eager crowd of supporters that “corporations control the patterns of thinking” in America. As Deep Throat said, “Follow the Money.” According to, Johnson received money from a number of “corporations.” For example: Bank of America Coca-Cola Co. General Dynamics Microsoft Comcast Cox Enterprises To be clear, “The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations’ Read more […] brings free-market capitalism to the DNC

You can’t fault the DNC for trying. A panel discussion on jobs creation that claimed to be “A Bipartisan Search for Solutions to the Jobs Crisis” included such noted job creation experts as Tom Brokaw, Rosario Dawson, and Black Eyed Peas singer, I’m not exactly sure where the “bipartisan” aspect of the panel was being displayed, but it was hosted by The Huffington Post, so we’ll forgive them for not knowing what that word actually means. The highlight of the (spoiler alert) Read more […]