Our Government Wants to be the Only Alpha Male in Society

Chris Mintz was an alpha male in a culture of government-approved and government-made betas. The Federalist reports on some new information describing the bravery of real life action hero Chris Mintz: “Chris Mintz Defies The Age Of The Beta Male.” Among the survivors of the mass shooting at an Oregon community college last week is one man whose heroic actions have gained national attention. Chris Mintz, a 30-year-old former Army infantryman, was shot five times while attempting to protect Read more […]

Umpqua Gave Us a Real Life Action Hero

Unlike an action hero on the screen, Chris Mintz took real risks and real damage. The problem with a fictional action hero in a movie or in a TV show is that they are the protagonist. You know they can’t really get hurt. They are also always super effective. In fact, whether it is Jason Bourne or Denzel Washington as “the Equalizer” or any of the others, they constantly encourage the myth that a person can be so trained and so skilled that he can fight people with guns and know that he Read more […]

Did Rick Perry Just Become the Political Champion of Christians in the U.S.A.?

I don’t know much about Rick Perry as a man. As a politician I’ve found reasons to disagree with him and even dislike him. I’ve also found reason to admire his stands against Federal encroachments. But I am pleasantly surprised that he would take a hit on the homosexual issue. It is one that many conservatives in office might try to avoid. Many “conservatives” in the media have apostatized on the issue. But Rick Perry, without being angry, simply spoke against our present cultural madness. Perry Read more […]

The VA’s “Systemic” Problem Shows the Failure of Secularism

I haven’t collected evidence that most people in authority at the VA are committed atheists. But I am guessing that most are nominal believers who go to church seldom if ever. I’m open to counter evidence. But until I see it, I’m going to assume that the people in the power structure of the VA are, with few exceptions, moderate and secular people rather than religious zealots of any kind, including committed. This is very important to correctly understanding the VA scandal. The Secretary Read more […]

Open Letter To Jackie Robinson: Apologies For Media’s Comparison To New Gay Athlete

Dear Jackie Robinson, What does it feel like? What goes on in your mind when the Democratic media trivializes your courage, your legacy, the opposition you faced, by relating it all to that of a gay man whom they and most of society are all too eager to accept? You had no choice whether or not you were black. You could not alter your biology to make life less difficult for you. Jason Collins, on the other hand, whom the Democrats’ have crowned their hero for his accomplishment of the historical Read more […]