Judge Upholds Second Amendment for D.C.

The Second Amendment does not allow an infringement on the right to bear arms on the basis of “wise policy.” The Washington Post reports, “Federal judge again rules key part of new D.C. gun law unconstitutional.” Ten months after striking down the District’s long-standing ban on carrying firearms in public as unconstitutional, a federal judge Monday ordered the city to halt enforcing a key provision of the new gun-permitting system it adapted in response. As passed by the D.C. Council, Read more […]

The U.S. Is Special; Our Search Warrants Give Us Access to Private Properties in Foreign Countries

Up until now, if you wanted to search the home or workplace of someone in another country you had to arrange it with the foreign government. According to Reuters, a judge decided that was too “burdensome.” In what appears to be the first court decision addressing the issue, U.S. Magistrate Judge James Francis in New York said Internet service providers such as Microsoft Corp or Google Inc cannot refuse to turn over customer information and emails stored in other countries when issued a valid Read more […]

U.N. Butts In to Trayvon Martin Killing

Did I miss something? Did we just dissolve the national government and all our state governments and hand the keys to the United Nations while I was making a snack in the kitchen? I mean, I know the United Nations has for years through Agenda 21, the United Religions Initiative and support groups like the Council on Foreign Relations been trying to take over the United States and complete its hold on global power. But I don’t think the buyout’s been quite finalized just yet. Which makes Read more […]

‘We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Warrants’

If you have a cellphone, police can use it to track your location any time they want without a warrant. That’s the opinion of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, supporting earlier rulings by two other appeals courts. According to the ruling, cell phone users can expect no Fourth Amendment protection regarding their records because the cell phone company already keeps that information for its own use. This data “clearly is a business record,” the court said, and police do not even require probable Read more […]

Can A Family Re-open “Fast and Furious”?

I have to hope so, because after Benghazi, the election, and now “the Fiscal Cliff,” the whole world seems to want to move on. But they shouldn’t. This is a horrific story that, despite a whitewash that tries to scapegoat lower level agents and bureaucrats, seems to go all the way to the White House. Why else would Obama invoke “executive privilege” to prevent the release of information? But now a family of one of the victims is taking action: “The family of slain U.S. Border Patrol Read more […]