Dare We Hope the Courts will Defeat Climate Change in 2016?

The Hill reports that 2016 will be a year of court fights against the Obama Administration: “Obama’s climate agenda on trial.” A slate of major environmental rules rolled out by the Obama administration in 2015 will face serious challenges in the new year, as opponents look to beat back the president’s ambitious policies — a core piece of his legacy. In the lead-up to the landmark Paris climate talks in December — an event that yielded a first-of-its-kind global agreement to cut carbon Read more […]

Judge Condemns the EPA but Leaves It Unpunished

The judge condemns the EPA for mistreating conservatives, but what will stop them from doing so again? The EPA has been egregiously violating the law regarding Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests by “slow walking” requests from conservative groups. One such group, the Landmark Legal Foundation, sued the EPA. The verdict is in. The judge has declared Landmark to be in the right and the EPA to be in the wrong. As the Washington Times reports, “Judge rules EPA lied about transparency, Read more […]

Maine Court Embraces Transgender Confusion

Nicole Maines can use the girls’ bathroom, according to a ruling issued Thursday by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. Why did the state’s Supreme Court get involved, and why was this an issue in the first place? Because Nicole Maines is a boy who wants to be a girl, or as the PC police say, a transgender female. The incident that sparked a lawsuit and courtroom battle occurred when Nicole, now 16, was in fifth grade and a parent understandably complained that a boywas going into the girls’ Read more […]

Government Arrogance Attempts To Censor Press And Undo The Internet

The manipulation of the LIBOR rate is a huge story that I have yet to fully comprehend. But the UK is taking it seriously enough to investigate the claims and consider prosecution. Since the LIBOR scandal is immensely important to people in finance, naturally the Wall Street Journal has investigated and reported on what is going on for their readers. None of that is surprising. In the course of its investigation, the WSJ found out who is likely to be prosecuted for being a participant in the Read more […]

Under Obamacare, Hospitals and Courts Overrule Parental Authority

Parents be warned!  Under Obamacare guidelines, doctors and hospitals can usurp your parental authority, dictate what medical treatment your child will get and if you don’t like it, they will have your child taken away from you, and in some cases the courts are siding with the hospitals. Jacob Stieler, son of Ken and Erin had cancer as a young boy and was treated.  At age 9 he had been cancer free for a year.  With no signs of cancer on any tests, the state ordered Jacob to undergo another Read more […]

Government Lawyers to Atheists: Yes, You’re a Religion

Seldom does the boomerang of fate connect with such a resounding clang as it has with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is being told by federal government lawyers that not only is atheism a religion, but the FFRF’s leaders are probably eligible for the “parsonage exclusion” break on their taxes. Now atheist leaders are caught like deer in the headlights of an approaching truck, temporarily stunned while they think of a way out of this trap, which they themselves set. But let’s start Read more […]

Trayvon, The Lawyers, And The Doom Of Emotionalism

The response from the Left, but more specifically from blacks, over the past 16 months since the shooting of 17-year-old malcontent Trayvon Martin has been one purely of emotion. I like what his shooter’s defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, had to say to the press after the reading of the verdict: “This ‘in your heart’ kind of stuff, that’s not what we’re supposed to do….” All evidence and testimony, even that from Trayvon’s friend and “star” witness Rachel Jeantel, gave credence Read more […]

Wrong For Judge To Suspend Rules For Child Needing Lung Transplant

A difficult situation presented itself to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, and it starts with 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan. Sarah has cystic fibrosis and needs a lung transplant or she will die. Federal law puts those who are under 12 years of age at the bottom of the waiting list to receive adult lungs. Sarah’s family has been lobbying Sebelius at the HHS to make an exception for her. According to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, Sebelius does have Read more […]

Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) the Courts’ Favored Hate Group

The Left loves to issue reports about how conservative groups are actually hate groups and potential terrorists, often comparing them — without any intent of irony — to the KKK, that icon of hate founded by Democrats. Meanwhile, one of the most active hate groups in this country, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, not only is allowed to continue its anti-Christian activity, it is encouraged and supported by the media and politicians. The most recent target of the FFRF is a veterans memorial Read more […]

Court Strikes Down Illinois’ Gun Ban

Illinois is the last state in the U.S. to have an outright prohibition on concealed carry. Residents can own guns but only keep them in their house. They’re not even allowed to carry an unloaded gun in public. Last year, a Democrat state Representative Brandon Phelps sponsored a bill that would have allowed concealed carry, albeit with many limitations. The Governor and Rahm Emanuel both lobbied against the bill, and it eventually failed 65 – 32. Soon, however, their prohibition against concealed Read more […]

The State Always Sides With Death

It is no secret that Obamacare has been controversial for forcing businesses to fund contraceptives and abortions. Biden lied about it in his debate with Paul Ryan, but Wheaton College, the Catholic University of America, and many other Religious institutions are not going to court for the fun of it. As Kyle Duncan, general counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, has said  “Under the mandate, nearly every Catholic hospital, charity, university, and diocese in the United States — along Read more […]