Charles Murray Disinvited to Christian College: Another Instance of Cowardocracy Culture

I’ve written about how our current Cowardocracy destroys curiosity, science, and learning at the Public High School level. It is also an acid that eats away at our colleges and universities, even at ostensibly Christian institutions that should not be ruled by fear. I used to be a fan of Charles Murray. I read his book Losing Ground back when I was a freshman in college. It was amazing. I wasn’t so happy when his The Bell Curve came out, but I haven’t read that one, so I can’t really Read more […]

Another Tale from The Cowardocracy Chronicles: Science Teacher Banned from Classroom

Everyone gets afraid. Everyone has fears. Whether or not one becomes a coward depends on how one learns to deal with fear. I don’t know how Americans are doing as a whole; but “their” institutions enshrine cowardice as a social and political norm. (I use sarcastic quotation marks because I don’t think these institutions are really “ours.” They are over us; that is all.) In the L.A. Times we read about Greg Schiller who once taught classes at Cortines School of Visual & Performing Read more […]

Coward Suspends Student For Pointing-Pencil Allegation: “We Must Do Our Duty”

I really don’t want a future for America filled with violent upheaval. But, apart from any question of attempted state power grabs and local resistance, when I see a story like this, I am tempted to think America is going to become another Afghanistan or Somalia. What can we expect to happen when the people in charge are such obvious tyrants and cowards, men scared of shadows and monsters? A boy was suspended because someone shouted about him, as he twirled his pencil in class, “He’s Read more […]