Zero Tolerance for Six-Year-Old who Pretended Hand was Gun

More zero tolerance against boys and their imaginations was demonstrated against a first-grader in Colorado Springs. It is time to acknowledge it: Until we start punishing school administrators they will continue to demonstrate this intolerant, child-warping, and irrational behavior. We entrust the minds of our children to these arrogant fools. They suffer no consequences for betraying this trust. reports, “6-year-old suspended after pointing at classmate in shape of gun.” A Read more […]

School Enforces Zero-Tolerance Policy for Hobbit Magic

Nine-year-old casting a Tolkien spell on a student counts as “a terroristic threat” and triggers elementary school’s zero-tolerance policy. We’ve seen students suspended for having the wrong hobby in their own homes, or for gnawing a pop tart the wrong shape. Now we find it also applies to magic. From Odessa American news we get this report: “Parent: Fourth-grader suspended after using magic from ‘The Hobbit’” A Kermit parent said his fourth-grade student was suspended Friday Read more […]

Dear Senator: Second Amendment Is Real Homeland Security!

Lindsey Graham is afraid to confront Obama fully because we can’t live without Homeland Security. Lots of fodder for discussion in this article at National Review, “What Not Even the King of England Could Do,” like: Not even the King of England at the time of the American Revolution had the authority to suspend laws unilaterally, the Law Library expert wrote in a memorandum to the Senate committee tasked with responding to President Obama’s recent executive orders on the enforcement Read more […]

Massachusetts Educrats Lose Minds over Students’ Hobby

Massachusetts Educrats (which, tellingly, practically involves both public school superintendents and what masquerades as “law enforcement” in these dark times) have turned airsoft guns that were never ever on school property or at any school event into a suspension or even an expulsion. Airsoft guns, as most of you know, are toys that shoot plastic pellets. If your kids play with them, they should wear eye-protection and maybe even a face mask but they are less painful that paintball. Boyfriend-girlfriend Read more […]

Father Threatened with Loss of Custody Because Son Twirled Pencil in Class

If we allow ourselves to be treated this way, we will be treated this way. As you may remember, back in April I posted about the student who, while twirling his pencil, was accused of making gun gestures with it in class by a hostile student. Here’s one of the newscasts. According to’s blog, the superintendent claimed he was never actually suspended, just kept out of class for two days for a proper psychological interrogation. But the real scandal is far worse than the Read more […]

More Cowardocracy U: No Fencing Club Because they Use Pointy Things

The evidence keeps mounting that we are ruled by crybabies trying to force the next generation to also be crybabies. If you don’t like “crybabies,” then substitute “scaredy-cats.” We ban words that will “upset” people—you know, upsetting words like “birthday,” and “dinosaur.” We punish highly-respected science teachers because science projects he never saw resemble a weapon. We ban speakers because they made arguments we didn’t like (if we even understood him correctly). And Read more […]

Charles Murray Disinvited to Christian College: Another Instance of Cowardocracy Culture

I’ve written about how our current Cowardocracy destroys curiosity, science, and learning at the Public High School level. It is also an acid that eats away at our colleges and universities, even at ostensibly Christian institutions that should not be ruled by fear. I used to be a fan of Charles Murray. I read his book Losing Ground back when I was a freshman in college. It was amazing. I wasn’t so happy when his The Bell Curve came out, but I haven’t read that one, so I can’t really Read more […]

Another Tale from The Cowardocracy Chronicles: Science Teacher Banned from Classroom

Everyone gets afraid. Everyone has fears. Whether or not one becomes a coward depends on how one learns to deal with fear. I don’t know how Americans are doing as a whole; but “their” institutions enshrine cowardice as a social and political norm. (I use sarcastic quotation marks because I don’t think these institutions are really “ours.” They are over us; that is all.) In the L.A. Times we read about Greg Schiller who once taught classes at Cortines School of Visual & Performing Read more […]