Chicago’s Lowering Crime Rate Belongs in the Fiction Section

Chicago’s crime rate has been plummeting but, thanks to a pair of real journalists, that lie has been exposed as yet another example of government deception. From Chicago Magazine by David Bernstein and Noah Isackson: “The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates.” On October 28, a pathologist ruled the death of Tiara Groves a homicide by “unspecified means.” This rare ruling means yes, somebody had killed Groves, but the pathologist couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause of death. Given Read more […]

Virginia: Gun Sales Up, Crime Down

It’s a familiar trend that 2nd Amendment advocates are used to seeing. In Virginia, gun sales have gone up, and in the same time period, crime has gone down. Imagine that. The widespread proliferation of guns among law-abiding citizens always leads to a drop in crime, because in that society, there is no safe place for criminals. Bloomberg and his policy advisor recently blamed Virginia for New York City’s gun crimes. If it’s Virginia’s fault, then wouldn’t we expect Virginia to have Read more […]

NBC: Chicago Murder Rate High Because Gun Rights Still Exist Elsewhere

It was on NBC’s Nightly News that correspondent Kevin Tibbes lamented that despite Chicago’s draconian gun control laws that prohibit gun shows inside city limits, it still has high murder rates, and the city is “awash in guns.” Guest and UCLA law professor claimed that it wasn’t the gun control laws’ fault. In fact, quite the contrary:  “Chicago certainly has strict gun control laws. But the difficulty is that outlying areas outside of Chicago and in other states, neighboring Illinois, Read more […]

Gun Violence Rising In the Media, Not In Reality

An increase in reportings by the media of gun-related violence does not mean that there has been an actual increase in incidents. In fact, violent crime in the U.S. (murder, rape, robbery and assault) actually went down four percent in 2011 compared with the previous year. It’s been going down for the past six years, and last year was the lowest it had been since 2006. It’s dropped twelve  percent since then. Naturally, since the Left will never concede intellectually on the gun control debate, Read more […]