The Pretense That the U.S. Respects Law Is Being (Further) Shredded By The Reaction To Putin

Of course, after an illegal bombing and the sponsorship of terrorists to topple Gaddafi’s regime and kill Gaddafi himself, after murdering American citizens with drones (and claiming that murdering a son was OK because he had a bad father), after sponsoring Islamic killers to torture, rape, and behead Christians in Syria, you would think that our reputation for “the rule of law” would already be an open joke among the nations. But so far we still trudge on pretending it is true. Speaking Read more […]

If At First You Do Not Secede Try, Try Again

It isn’t just Crimea from Ukraine. Last night BBC reported that Venetians are voting on whether or not to secede from Italy. Recent opinion polls suggest that two-thirds of the four million electorate favour splitting from Rome, but the vote will not be legally binding. The poll was organised by local activists and parties, who want a future state called Republic of Veneto. This would be reminiscent of the sovereign Venetian republic that existed for more than 1,000 years. A focal point Read more […]

Majority Rules Unless Our Leaders Declare the Majority Decision Doesn’t Rule

Let me see if I’ve got this straight… for many years, our elite have told us about the noble task of spreading “democracy” around the world (a terrible form of government that our Founders strongly rejected, but… I’ll leave that for another time). From Yahoo News: Russian state media said Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to break with Ukraine and join Russia on Sunday, as Kiev accused Moscow of pouring forces into the peninsula and warned separatist leaders “the ground will burn under their Read more […]

Mutually Assured Destruction Looms In Using Financial Weapons Against Moscow

Here is another—very critical—aspect of the showdown between Russia and the United States over Crimea and Ukraine. I post this for the analysis, not necessarily for the recommendations in the final couple of paragraphs–those decisions are yours to make with much more research than this one article. From the New Darrien Times: It is true that the United States has powerful financial weapons it can use against Russia. The United States can freeze the assets of Russian leaders and oligarchs Read more […]

Did Putin Invade Crimea Because He Wasn’t Scared Enough?

This seems to be a conservative opinion. It may be true. But I don’t find it very convincing. From CNS News: “Now you’re talking about Russia annexing the Crimea. Something happened,” Gregory continued. “And I wonder, as you hear some criticism from conservatives who say the issue here is that Vladimir Putin is not afraid, that he saw a red line by this administration in Syria and then no follow-up, no action, that he thinks that he can provoke the U.S. and the West and that President Read more […]