Gun Control Can’t Keep Us Down

While liberals in Washington are blaming every school shooting and violent crime on the lax gun control laws in the land, courageous private citizens are proving that they can hold their own in protecting themselves and their property even without the aid of guns. When Indianapolis resident Karen Dolley found an intruder in her home, she intended to use her gun to protect her person and her home,  but she couldn’t find it.  So then, she fell into skills she learned earlier in her life through Read more […]

Obama Uses Children and Tragedy as Political Props

Now before you just think me insensitive, read on (although you may still think I’m insensitive). Recently, CBS Morning News had on Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) to speak about their “bipartsan” gun control bill. Senator Pat Toomey: “the problems that we have are not law-abiding gun owners like Joe and myself. Uh, and we don’t need, in my view, to put restrictions on what law-abiding people can do. What we need to do is try to keep guns out of the hands of criminals Read more […]

Why Do We Treat Prisoners Better Than Our Elderly?

Having the wonderful wife that I do, she often sends me things that may be worth writing about and this is one of them.  She gleaned these words of wisdom from someone’s post on Facebook.  I often ignore these, but this one got my attention, partially because I once worked in the intensive care section of a nursing home and partially because I am utterly disgusted with our prison system. The wonderful words of wisdom are: “Here is some food for thought…We should place the elderly in prisons. Read more […]