Are We Going to See an Attempt at a New Currency?

A new currency would allow our elites the control over us that they crave. As I was saying the other day… From Doug Casey’s International Man blog: “The Crowning Glory of Keynsianism.” Readers of this publication will know that for some time, I’ve forecasted the creation of a new monetary system by which governments and banks gain total control over all monetary transactions. On the surface of it, this may seem an impossible goal, as it would be so all-encompassing and would eliminate Read more […]

Is The Petro-Dollar About To Be Killed?

Hyperinflation is virtually always a currency event—a blindside hit that national monetary authorities did not adequately foresee, and which is too big for them to control. From Seeking Alpha: Several largely overlooked items came out of China this week. First, the Shanghai Exchange is moving toward trading in petro-yuan. As we have seen with gold, Shanghai is a very effective delivery based market. This helps set the stage for Saudi Arabia to disengage from its 1973 Petro-dollar agreement, Read more […]

Montana Denies Legislator’s Request to be Paid in Precious Metals

Jerry O’Neil is a Republican representative from a northern district of Montana. He wrote a letter to his state legislature asking them to pay his $7,000 salary in gold. He said that he was prompted to make such a request because he doesn’t have faith in the US dollar anymore. Also, his constituents have been holding him to his oath to the Constitution which he says requires that states issue payments in gold or silver. Predictably, state officials scoffed at him and denied his request. Jaret Read more […]