Can’t Cut Lesbian-Obesity Study? Fine, Let’s Cut Entitlements

When responsible adults begin running short on money, they stop buying things they don’t need. This is common sense to a lot of us, but there are still some who do not understand. It is these helplessly irresponsible who migrate to the D.C. area and hold elected office as Democrats. So, point one: responsible leaders conserve their country’s money in financially burdensome times. Point two: If you are going to credibly tell the country that cutting a paltry $44 billion from a 2013 budget of a Read more […]

The Fiscal Cliff About To Expose Another Medicare Scam

Why would the fiscal cliff mean that doctors would suddenly take a thirty percent cut in their billing? Nothing was said about that last year when the deal was made. Part of the problem is that deal wasn’t made last year. It was made fifteen years ago and then hidden under fig leaves. Those leaves are going to fall away on January 1. Inventing Another “Debt Ceiling” to Raise Back to 1997, the basic bankruptcy of Medicare was too obvious for Congress to deny. They felt they had to do something Read more […]