New Cybersecurity Bill Protects Companies as Government Snitches

A new bill passed this week will grant protection from prosecution of for violation of privacy laws to companies who share private data.  While it is allegedly limited to specific types of information, the concerns of lawmakers and privacy groups is that this law will open the door to government encroaching on the rights of the citizenry. The Washington Post Reports The Senate on Tuesday passed a cybersecurity bill that would give companies legal immunity for sharing data with the federal government, Read more […] Security Fail Is a Government Tradition

Surprised by the abysmal security? You shouldn’t be. Because the Obama-compliant media is all too willing to let us forget, it is almost hard to remember all the incredible problems with the government’s healthcare exchange. But one major problem (which is almost certainly still with us) was the lack of security. In fact, this was not just an issue of incompetence, but also of deception and reckless endangerment as Americans were encouraged (and legally required!) to Read more […]

Distrust Costs Money: How The NSA Is Making Europe Spend On New Infrastructure

As I’ve noted before, tapping Angela Merkel’s phone was not an unconstitutional act as far as I can tell. But that doesn’t mean it was right or wise or good to spy on our allies. Now that it has become clear to the world that the United States cannot be trusted, suddenly we find incredible new expenditures are required. According to Reuters: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday she would talk to French President Francois Hollande about building up a European communication network Read more […]

The Hacking Of The NSA Website Will Be Bad News For Freedom In US

Saw this last night through Drudge: The website for the United States National Security Agency suddenly went offline Friday. has been unavailable globally as of late Friday afternoon, and Twitter accounts belonging to people loosely affiliated with the Anonymous hacktivism movement have suggested they are responsible. Twitter users @AnonymousOwn3r and @TruthIzSexy both were quick to comment on the matter, and implied that a distributed denial-of-service attack, or DDoS, may have been waged Read more […]