Why Is the FBI Having Trouble Recruiting Cybersecurity Experts?

Is it possible that cybersecurity experts don’t want to work for the FBI? Here is an interesting story from Reuter’s about FBI hiring problems: “FBI understaffed to tackle cyber threats, says watchdog.” As of January 2015, The Federal Bureau of Investigation had only hired 52 of the 134 computer scientists it was authorized to employ under the Justice Department’s Next Generation Cyber Initiative launched in 2012, the report showed. Although cyber task forces have been set up at all Read more […]

Spy Bill Approved as Cybersecurity “Protection”

The Senate Intelligence Committee has approved the  Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act, which is really a spy bill. The Senators on the committee know people are tired of all the spying they have been subjected to, so they aren’t ever going to admit it when they offer a bill to legitimize more government spying. Instead, they will come up with a different name and let us find out what is really in the bill when it gets passed. [See also, “Government Doesn’t Care Read more […]

Government Doesn’t Care about Cybersecurity

Many government databases have pathetic cybersecurity—leaving Americans vulnerable. You may remember that time and again, among the many other problems with Healthcare.gov, we had to point out the lack of security in the website. Even when fixes were put in place to make the website operational, security was not addressed. In fact, the government was given repeated warnings about the lack of security; rather than fix it the bureaucrats engaged in cover-ups. It turns out that the government Read more […]

If Men Were Angels They Wouldn’t Be Perverts in Government

If men were angels, we wouldn’t need governments. If men were angels, centralized government wouldn’t be a problem. Men are not angels. Timothy DeFoggi “solicited child porn images from other members [of his child porn site], viewed images and exchanged private messages with other members expressing interest in raping, beating and murdering infants and toddlers.” So who is Timothy DeFoggi? He was only the former head of computer security for the Department of Health and Human Services—you Read more […]

Conflict of Interest? NSA Chief Working on Cybersecurity Patents

A report on what looks like a conflict of interest from Associated Press:  Even in an era when former officials routinely profit from business ventures linked to their public service, recently retired National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander raised eyebrows when he disclosed he is working on patents for what he calls a game-changing cybersecurity model. How about a law that anyone paid by a government entity who leaves their position—for any reason—is prohibited from doing any business Read more […]