New Rules for Banks Can Hurt You

Our ruling class has settled on new rules for banks to protect them at your expense. Did you know during the Great Depression that a dollar in your hand was valued at forty percent higher—and sometimes much more—than a dollar in your bank account? Why is that? Because there was significant risk you could not get that dollar out of the bank when you wanted it—and maybe not at all. Virtually no one perceives it, but those days are returning to the financial world. Being clear: This Read more […]

Our International Leaders Are Parasite Pirates: Want 71% Top Income Tax Rate & Worse

As you may have noticed, the economy of not only the US but the world has been suffering for the last few years. Obviously we need economic growth. But it isn’t obvious to our international ruling class. The only problem they see with the economic hard times is that the government is not able to squeeze more revenue out of the populace to use as leverage for more debt and spending. From the Wall Street Journal: In his November investment commentary for bond giant Pimco, Mr. Gross asks the Read more […]