A Reporter Did His Job, So He Was Attacked by the Media

While I’m not usually happy with the Daily Beast, I’m very glad they allowed Josh Rogin to defend himself at their website. It really doesn’t matter what the issue is, the First Amendment becomes a dead letter if journalists are not able and willing to get information to the public that the sources of that information do not want the public to know. As George Orwell said, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” Ten years ago, Read more […]

Obscene To “Ban Gays” From Saint Patrick’s Day Parade?

“In states where gay marriage is legal, gays are still banned from openly marching in St Patrick’s Day parades in New York and Boston.” So Michael Tomasky begins his editorial at The Daily Beast, “The Grotesque Ban On Gays In New York’s St Patrick’s Day Parade.” There seem to be several confusions in Tomasky’s writing. To begin with, I don’t believe any “gays” or lesbians were banned from the parade. Tomasky never shows any evidence that only heterosexual people were permitted Read more […]

Eleanor Clift Upset Over “Loophole” In Useless & Unconstitutional Plastic Gun Ban

The Constitution says that Congress cannot pass a law that infringes on the right to keep or bear arms. On December Third, Congress defied the amendment and passed a law that infringed on that right—The Undetectable Firearms Act. Eleanor Clift is happy that Congress violated the Second Amendment but she is not happy they were not thorough enough. She writes in the Daily Beast, The bad news for advocates of gun safety is that the law does not take into account technological advances that allow Read more […]

Michael Tomasky Gets Crazy About GOP

The always insane Michael Tomasky writes at The Daily Beast, “If you’d asked me six months ago whether the Republican Party would manage to find a few ways to sidle back toward the center between now and 2016, I’d have said yes. But today, on the basis of evidence offered so far this year, I’d have to say a big fat no. With every passing month, the party contrives new ways to go crazier.” He gives unconvincing evidence to this claim. One is that the GOP is crazy for not wanting the self-avowed Read more […]