Obamacare: Another Year of Rising Prices Ahead of Us

Rising prices are only one of many problems with Obamacare. As a friend wrote about this piece in the Daily Signal: You’re paying more, getting less, and sacrificing freedom… so that a tiny handful of people can get their “free stuff” from Daddy government (and Daddy government can have their guaranteed votes). Obamacare, what’s not to like!?! For politicians and the big insurance corporations there may be nothing “not to like.” But for those of us who had our health insurance wrecked, Read more […]

Police Militarization: How Conservatives Justify Weaponization

The missing component in this discussion of police militarization and related issues is the responsibility of law enforcement to educate the citizenry, and not simply take upon themselves prerogatives they were never intended to have within the American system. The discussion is published by the Daily Signal: “Police Beefed Up Capabilities Because a Crime-Weary Nation Wanted Them To.” The demands of a weary public compelled state and local law enforcement to challenge more conventional Read more […]

Ralph Nader Shows Bipartisanship that Conservatives Can Join

How often does the Heritage Foundation publish that Ralph Nader shows bipartisanship that is good for conservatives? But the Daily Signal basically promoted Ralph Nader’s HuffPo editorial about Left and Right working together to terminate the Export-Import Bank. I have recently traveled from New York to California talking to audiences from the left, right and middle about my new book, Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State. The topic has been how Read more […]