Ruling by Intrigue

Many of our assumptions about the results of elections are mistaken because of politicians ruling by intrigue. The purpose of government is to rule and control.  Government’s role therefore seems at odds with liberty and the rights of the individual.  Having just gone through a major election cycle, as our nation sees a broad change of office holders, we might anticipate a different attitude from government.  However, what we perceive as true can be entirely different from actual truth.  Read more […]

Patriotism – Something to Think About

Most Americans today would call themselves patriots.  Would you? But what does that mean…to be an American…to be a patriot?  What is the basis for your self-description as a patriotic American?  This is something to think about! Words matter. Definitions matter.  How you perceive yourself matters.  Is our education system producing people who know how to think, or is it producing people who are told what to think?  What impact would each of these techniques have on an individual’s Read more […]