David Cameron Threatening to Ban the Guardian Reporting

Guardian reporting on revelations from Edward Snowden is prompting threats of censorship. Mike Masnick writes at TechDirt: “David Cameron Working To Stop UK Press From Publishing Anything More From Snowden Leaks.” It looks like Glenn Greenwald picked the right time to leave the UK’s The Guardian newspaper. Last week, we noted that David Cameron was pushing for an investigation into the paper for publishing stories based on Ed Snowden’s leaks, and now Cameron is going even further in Read more […]

Does Iraq War 2014 Make any More Sense than Iraq War 2003?

When the first earlier Iraq war was being pumped up in the press, we were told that the war would be easily affordable, that it would pay for itself, that our troops would be welcomed as liberators, that we could bring democracy to the Middle East by invading Iraq and toppling its government. I remember vividly Condoleezza Rice being quoted as accusing anyone who didn’t think democracy would work in Baghdad being no different than people who opposed civil rights in Birmingham, Alabama. It was Read more […]

The David Cameron Anti-Terrorism Bill Raises Questions

Fox News reported on the David Cameron Anti-Terrorism Bill as an unquestionably good thing. I hate terrorism and hope the Islamic State is soon defeated (though not necessarily by our own ground troops). I am glad that David Cameron is opposed to terrorism. But it raises questions in my mind that I would like to have answered. Cameron officially asked the House of Commons to agree to several temporary measures he proposed late last week, including the power to seize passports of suspected Read more […]

British Independence Party Set Up for Unprecedented Victory

The British independence party is UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party. Back in May they won 24 seats on the European Parliament out of 73. This is was a significant message because UKIP hates the European Union. Now it looks like UKIP is about to win an unprecedented victory over Prime Minister David Cameron. According to the Daily Mail: “Cameron faces Ukip by-election bloodbath: Party set to win first Commons seat after shock poll reveals Farage’s staggering 44-point lead over the Tories.” Ukip Read more […]

UK Leaders Speak Out in Defense of an American Citizen’s Family While President Barack Obama Remains Mute

The Prime Minister and past Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have strong words for the injustices being inflicted on the wife and mother of American citizens—a woman condemned to torture and death solely for her faith in Jesus. The Independent reports: The Prime Minister joined Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in condemning the treatment of Ms Ibrahim, who gave birth to her baby daughter Maya this week while shackled in heavy chains in the hospital wing of Omdurman Women’s Prison. Mr Cameron Read more […]

David Cameron: Since I Saw It Work On TV We Need To Spy On All Of You

From the BBC News website: The prime minister told a parliamentary committee that gathering communications data was “politically contentious” but vital to keep citizens safe. What is Cameron talking about? Basically, a government mandated peephole in all communications so that no one can talk to anyone else without the government knowing about it. A communications data bill was dropped last year after Lib Dem objections. The idea of the bill was to allow government access to details of who called Read more […]

An Olympic Entitlement Mentality

The London Olympic Games promised to be epic, but Londoners and spectators are less than impressed. While fans and family members of athletes are getting increasingly frustrated by being refused tickets to Olympic events, local London businesses are not getting the expected boost in sales they were anticipating. Many merchants and owners are saying their sales are down 30-35%. Hotels have been hit especially hard, many not seeing the “filled to capacity” they were promised by Olympic and government Read more […]