Air Pirates Rob a Passenger of $30k

How did these air pirates evade law enforcement? They didn’t. They were law enforcement. According to the Washington Times, a man was robbed of over thirty thousand dollars in the L.A. Airport for traveling from Chicago with a small backpack over his shoulder. In April of this year, two Drug Enforcement Administration task force members stopped a man named Issa Serieh at Los Angeles International Airport, asked him some questions, and seized $30,750 in cash off of him. They sent him on his Read more […]

DEA Agents Not Prosecuted and Keep Jobs

DEA agents who were found to have broken the drug laws they were supposed to enforce were allowed to keep their jobs. What kind of people do our Federal overlords want to use as employees who will be best at doing the jobs they want these employees to perform? When one reads about the staggeringly low standards for behavior, you don’t know if that means they don’t really care about the moral character of these people… or if hiring and retaining moral degenerates is actually a government Read more […]

Big Brother Is Fishing in Your Medical Records because Drugs

If you think your medical records are private, your Federal government disagrees with you. Mark Horne has posted that, by requiring electronic medical records, the government is setting itself up to have access to all our health information. Here is circumstantial evidence that he is right, as reported at “The DEA is rummaging around thousands of people’s medical files without warrants.” DEA, as you probably know, stands for Drug Enforcement Administration—a Federal agency. The Read more […]

Black Man Gets Eight Years for Exercising Second Amendment in Self Defense

He’s just another black man in an orange jump suit now so no one cares about his life being destroyed by criminal Feds. This story is so enraging. Bonnie Kristian writes at “This man’s life was ruined because federal drug agents stormed his house unannounced.” Joel Robinson of Orangeburg, South Carolina, was home alone one morning in October of 2014. It was 6 a.m.—still dark out—when suddenly a group of men burst onto the property, armed and yelling. Alarmed and assuming Read more […]

Feds Rob Man of Life Savings because They Can

When the Feds rob a man they simply list a groundless accusation which they never prove in court; the victim is not even charged. Tim Cushing at TechDirt writes of another typical outrage in the former United States of America: “Nail Salon Owner Sues for Return of Life Savings Seized by DEA Agents at Airport.” Here’s something you see all too rarely — not because the government’s civil forfeiture programs aren’t routinely abused – but because it’s a good way to spend lots of money fighting Read more […]

DEA Robs Man for Carrying Money while Black

Traveling with cash while black gives government agent a license to steal—no charges, no trial, and no way to survive with room and board. I asked awhile back if Eric Holder was serious about ending asset forfeiture. Obviously, he wasn’t. He’s now gone and Loretta Lynch, our Republican-confirmed Attorney General loves asset forfeiture. So we get stories like this one in the Albuquerque Journal: It happened, Rivers said, to him on April 15 as he was traveling on Amtrak from Dearborn, Read more […]

Veteran Robbed of $60k+ for Marijuana Smell; Never Charged

Court ruled a veteran robbed of over sixty thousand dollars by Nebraska State Troopers and the DEA had no right to object to the robbery. No matter what Eric Holder promised, civil forfeiture is still going strong. According to the Institute of Justice’s Mark Brewer, writing at, a recent decision by the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has made sure that such open thievery will continue in many Midwestern states. We just need to face up to the fact that the Feds expect and want Read more […]

DEA Agents Bed Down Drug Cartel Prostitutes

DEA agents used drug cartel prostitutes at the sex parties they sponsored. Just the kind of people we want working in law enforcement. It is not hard to find stories that allege that the Drug Enforcement Administration is in bed with one or more of the drug cartels in South America or Mexico. It now turns out that the allegations are more literally true. If drug cartel prostitutes can be considered the proxies for their employer, then we have a situation where DEA agents were quite literally in Read more […]

Feds Commit Identity Theft; Claim to Own Criminals

Identity theft is a government prerogative according to the DEA’s defense in court against a lawsuit. Apparently, if the Feds ever bust you for a crime, and get legitimate access to your private data, they are permitted to use the data about yourself, your loved ones, to steal your identity, and even endanger your children for a good cause. I don’t see how they could make those claims without asserting ownership rights over the person on the basis of a conviction for a crime. According to Read more […]

Is The Drug War Being Waged On Legal Prescription Drugs For Those In Pain?

A reader of this blog just forwarded an email to me. It said in part: Today, 1/27, I went to Walgreens with a new prescription for pain medication and was told that they would not have any until Feb 17; they blamed it on the DEA. I went across the street to Rite Aide and was informed that what Walgreens told me was true that the DEA was “messing with” the allocation amount of pain medication throughout the U.S. Rite Aide said they had a few left and would be able to fill my prescription with no Read more […]

More Confirmation: Feds In Bed With Mexican Drug Cartel

Underlings who carried out these evil acts (let me say it again, with expansion: evil, despicable, criminal) are apparently spread throughout the country, with paychecks from various Federal agencies. Similar to Nazi storm troopers and concentration camp guards, they participate in unconscionable deeds by day, and then watch American Idol with their kids at night. From the New American: For over a decade, under multiple administrations, the U.S. government had a secret agreement with the ruthless Read more […]

Breitbart: Mexican News Story Adds Context To “Fast And Furious” Scandal

It has been awhile since we have heard about “Fast and Furious” in the news. Naturally, the mainstream media wants to drop it. But now a Mexican newspaper report adds some context, as reported by Breitbart. U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents and U.S Attorneys held secret meetings with drug trafficking organizations, especially the Sinaloa cartel, on Mexican soil, revealed Mexico-based newspaper El Universal. The DEA and the U.S. Attorney’s office are both components of the U.S. Department Read more […]