Not Only Do Dead People Vote But They Also Collect Welfare

In 2012, we saw numerous reports of dead people voting in a number of state primary elections and the general election in November.  In all likelihood, thousands of votes were cast from the grave for a number of politicians, mostly Democrats.  Even more absurd was when Florida went to purge their voter rolls of dead people and non-citizens, Eric Holder’s Justice Department tried to stop them. Now we are learning that dead people cannot only cast their ghostly ballots from beyond, but they Read more […]

NYPD Cop Tickets Dead People to Meet Quotas

Next time you get pulled over, and the cop asks you, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” maybe you should respond with, “Because you’re trying to meet your quota for the month?” Actually, don’t say that. You might get in trouble. Police quotas have been sort of an unspoken rule in police precincts. If police don’t meet them, that means less money for the city or county, and “non-compliant” cops could get transferred. “Paul Pizzuto, a cop in the NYPD, got fired for writing tickets Read more […]

No Voter-ID Means More Democrat Voters in November

A recent Washington Post poll showed that “74 percent of Americans favor government-issued photo ID mandates at polling places.” This meant little to CNN because the network, whose ratings are in the proverbial toilet, ignored those numbers “in six separate segments on voter ID laws.” A majority of Americans believe that showing identification is simply common sense when identification is necessary to identify someone. When it comes to voting, liberals are incensed that anyone would have Read more […]